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bad start

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well we are off to a rough start,
heyu smelled the other kitty under the door and started to hiss at it.
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My sweet Bella hissed at all of them up until she got sick..And she lived with them for years It's only natural...give them time...Good Luck
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You should have seen how mad Phenom was when we brought Phantom in! There was a lot of hissing and growling fora few weeks. Then one day they were grooming eachother and everything was fine. Give them time and introduce them very slowly.
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Bruce it's normal because Rosie was the same when i brought Sophie home.

Keep swapping their blankets over to get them used to the smells and use the vanilla essence trick

Have a read of this

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Yep, petting one and then the other swaps scents and they don't realize it is happening.

Never tried the vanilla trick, but I hear it does work.
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thank you for the advice,

i have been playing with one then going down and talking to heyu, who now want come up here, cause she acts scared, but i remember, it took her over a month before she even let me touch her. The other 2 are already sticking there paws under the door and meowing like crazy...they want to see the other cat, which is not allowed yet.

i just feel bad of cause heyu is acting all scared it has taken a long time to get heyu to trust me.

by the way, the kitty is he, and its a dark brown with black strips,,
and already sounds like he is making a in the bed room
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she'll forgive you! My long-timer Sapphire hates other cats and hisses at everyone but after a few weeks she will get over her snit and start to come in and sleep with me again.... maybe the kitten might even help heyu to trust you

and my suggestion for a name for the new little guy? c'mere
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Ok, what's the vanilla trick?
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well heyu has not eaten or used the litter box all day.
i moved those down to the first floor. Since she wont come up. she got about half way up and started to hiss again.
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
Ok, what's the vanilla trick?

For those of us who don't wear perfume, Hissy suggests putting a dab of vanilla extract under each cat's chin and at the base of each cat's tail (on top, not on their bottom). This way both cats smell the same....since cats are so scent driven, they are less threatened when the other cat smells the same way they do!"
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