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Sorry, Lhezzza, I missed the end, so I assumed you were right. I liked Ken more, I think. He tried to straighten out Rob. I think all the macho men will leave unless something drastic happens. That seems to be the way the men are thinking, anyway.
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I was SOOOOOOO mad Thursday night!!!!! That is my one night that I get to sit down and enjoy some TV...not that I don't get to watch it a few other nights...but Thursday is my big night, and what do you know, the antenae wasn't working well, and CBS was fuzzy!!!! I couldn't hear anything but static and the picture was horrible!!! Half the time I couldn't even see it!!!!

What did I miss? Can someone fill me in???? I did manage to make out that it was Ken who got the boot...but I have no idea why....I thought he was a nice guy and people seemed to like him...I must have missed something really important.

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You didnt miss much, imo! They had the videos from the families of the contestants. The reward challenge (if it was even called that( winner got to watch the entire video in whole. Brian (the ex-porn star) I think may get the next boot. His wife managed to show how well they lived w/ him being a used car salesman. So, I think if he does make it to the final 2, I dont think they will pick him. Oh, Ted, went on a boating trip by himself, and it seemed like no one liked that.
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Personally- I hope recipe lady gets the boot next! No food and all she does is talk about recipes? That would get old very quickly.
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I'm with you on that one, too, Hissy!
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Thanks guys! But why didn't they like Ken? What did he do? I kinda liked him.
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I'm guessing it had to do with him having physical strength? I think, too, that might be why Ted got the votes from the others....
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That's really too bad. So noone said anything about why hey voted for Ken, then? I thought maybe he had done something wrong, or offended them, or something. It's a shame he was booted just because he is strong..but I guess it would be better for the rest of them to not have his strength going for him in the immunity challenges.
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Jeanie - chicken lady is Jan and she is just too weird!

Debby - the tribes finally merged and Clay won individual imunity. The Original member from Chuay Gaan tribe (Brian's Team) banded together. They are working on getting rid of the Sook Jai members. Ken was 1st to go because 1) the others became more friendly with the other tribe and 2) he is the strongest physical challenger for individual immunity
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Ok, am I the only one still watching Survivor??

I'm predicting that Helen and Jan will go to the final two, and Helen will win. Anybody else up for a prediction??
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I was hoping they would bounce Clay last night. But the original tribe stuck together. I think Brian and Recipe lady will be the final two. I think Ted will be the next one voted off unless he wins immunity again.
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Hmmm... I liked Jake & was kinda pissed that they got rid of him last night. And his wife did such a good job with the bugs!! This series has been pretty boring wouldn't you say? I still think the first one was the best.

I say Helen and Jan for the final 2. Or Heler and Brian..she seems to have a lot of trust in him. I wish they had have ditched Clay last night...he's really pissin' me off! It might also go Brian and Ted depending on how the immunity challenges go.

There's my 2 cents...
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I'm mad. Jake was my favorite. Negativity? That described Clay to a T. I couldn't wait for the vote, certain that he would finally get what he earned from all his lack of work. But they said goodbye to the nicest guy there. Now I hope Helen wins. But my favorite always loses, so I'm probably jinxing her now!
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That's what I thought too...negativity what???
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I want Ted to win the million. If not him, I am not sure who else I would want to win.
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I too was really ticked off that Jake went, he was actually my favorite.

I cannot stand Ted or Brian. That whole thing w/ Ted and Ghandia at the beginning....like he thought when he kissed her back it was his wife!! That is such a crock of &*^% its not even funny. I don't buy it for a second. If that had been my husband he'd have an awful lot of explaining to do!!!
And Brian, his comments about women earlier in the game were really annoying, not to mention how they showed his nice house and fancy new cars. Almost like his wife was showing off. I really hope neither of them make it much further.
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I was so sad to see Jake go!!! he was the one I was rooting for, and the only one I really wanted to see win the million. I felt so sorry for his wife when after eating all that disgusting stuff she didn't get to spend the 24 hours with him...THAT is true love...because I might have gotten past the ants...but if I had to eat a cockroach to spend 24 hours on the island with Brent, I would have been....see ya later honey..hope you bring home the million! :laughing:

I'm not even sure WHO the heck I want to win this thing now. My favorites are all gone.
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I'm still rooting for Jake. There's always a way, right?
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Well not if you get booted off!!! :laughing: Unless they've changed the rules!
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Holy Moly! If I would've known there was a Survivor thread, I would be back here more often!! lol

OK..well, let me tell you...we wanted Rob gone from DAY ONE. Now..as far as Ted and Ghandia go....yes, it is a load of crap that he thought it was his wife, but at the same time, I REALLY think she blew it up and asked for her own death in this. He apologized...everything was kosher and then she went and blew it up.

Clay is who I cannot stand. UGH! He HAS to go. For Helen to try and convince Brian to give Clay the axe was about dumb! Brian and Clay are tight as all hell! And she didn't end up voting him off anyway. I like Helen..I like Jan. I think Jan is very personable and just sincere. I am glad she has made it this far!
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I'm with you, I can't STAND Clay!!!!! I can't wait for the day he gets voted off!!!!
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I really don't care who wins as long as it isn't Clay - he drives me nuts! The best out of a bad lot remaining is Navy Seal swim instructor - it helps that she owns a cat!
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Jan's a good person, too ..... In a way I hope she wins.
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Yep..same thing for me...I think Jan is just herself. I haven't seen her try and sly around and manipulate votes or anything like that. I like her....she has a heart for animals!!
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Ugh... slim pickings are left....

I really don't want any of them to win.....

But if I had to choose one = Brian

He's really "played" the game in my opinion
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I agree with the majority. I can't stand Clay. Helen is nice, and Jan is a little bit kooky, but she is being herself. That's important. I choose Helen.
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Jan is definitly down to earth and doens't really seem to be playing the game at all. She is just being herself, albeit a bit odd. And she does love animals....hell she had a funeral for a bat!!

Brian has been playing the game well, but he just rubs me the wrong way. He seems so arrogant, and his whole view on women just totally turned me off. But I guess as long as Clay or Ted doesn't win then I'll be happy!!!

Did I see there is only 2 episodes left? Does that mean that the last one will be a 2 hour one?
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I do believe the last one is 2 hours. I don't have a problem with Ted. I think he was given a bad rap because Ghandia blew things out of wack. He made a mistake..he admitted it...apologized...and she looked like was fine with it! Then she totally blew it all up to try and get people against him! I am sorry....I didn't like her, but Ted is ok by me. I really haven't seen him get into that 'game playing' mode.
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Well, they had me fooled. I thought Clay was out of there. What did I miss? I guess they edited it in a way that led us astray! Of course, it would be smart to take him to the end to assure yourself of winning, but he's hard to take!
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I have been watching Survivor since day one. I sure wish Jake would have been the winner but since he is no longer in the game, I want either Helen or Clay to win. I am not sure why everyone hates Clay. I kinda think he is doing a good job playing the game. The only reason I can see for voting him off is that he does not do alot around the camp. But of course we don't see all that goes on there. I personally dont like Brian and think that he is manipulitive. Who knows though. Its anyones game at this point.
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