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If your cat ruled the world...

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The idea for this thread came from a convervation I had last night with another TCS member (Thanks, Katie!) about how scary it would be if Gracie ruled the world. In Gracie's mind, she already does!

So, if Gracie did rule the world, everyone would greet each other with snorts, hisses and growls and would be feasting on an endless supply of lettuce and "yummies" (our word for Whiskas Tempations)

What would things be like if your cat(s) ruled the world? (I still have to think on this a bit more for my other three!)
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Dead easy Eileen!!.

Rosie would be making the rule up that there should be treats served on demand!!

Sophie would demand that all humans must sit or lie upon any cat entering a room so they could have a nap on them
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Topaz would declare all meals would be of chunky chicken in gravy - whenever she wanted.

Ari would declare every cat would get its own live mouse.
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If Duke ruled the word there would be extra cushy thrones and cat trees for him to perch on. The ground would be an endless supply of cat food. Treties would hang from the trees and the sandbox would come to him and clean itself. People would be only useful as a place to sleep on warm laps. Water would be supplied out of a fountain and would have tuna flavoring.

Sibohan would like the same, except I would be there to scratch her and be her favorite spot to sleep.
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My cats would collectively rule probably, well ok, except for Jinx and Sapphire, but the rest of them would demand an endless supply of water bottle caps, plenty of cardboard boxes, and Meow Mix pouched for every meal! also, no reading or using of the computer would be allowed unless simultaneuosly petting a cat
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If Trout ruled the world, foam balls would line the streets...and humans would be forced to play fetch with her for days on end with no break..

Also, it would be a noisy world because cats would walk around meowing all day...for no apparent reason
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If Chestnut and Angel and Seren ruled the world.. Watch out people.

First off Chestnut would require ice cold water in wide drinkable cups no bowls for her.... They all have heated seats,, and humans would sit on floors....

Angel and Seren would require ===endless supplies of Fancy Feast with greens... and crunchy snacks.. and we would be endlessly playing with string with bells and crinkly paper. AND... There would be no baths, no clipping of nails,, and definately definately no big dogs...

The world if my cats ruled it!!
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These are great!

Okay for the rest of my crew:

If Katie ruled the world, it would be acceptable for cats to dine on Italian food and all dairy products and there would always be a lap available for her to sit on.

In Peter's world, all female cats (especially his sisters) would love him and accept his affection without hissing and bopping him on the head. It would also would be possible for cats to fly and scale walls.

If Claire was in charge, it would always be warm and sunny outside and the heat would always be on inside. There would also be a human constantly available to rub her tummy, however no one would ever try to pick her up or trim her front claws.
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We were just discussing how scary it would be if cats had thumbs.
If Fluffy ruled the world, her daddy would pet and sctratch her endlessly, and if there was anyone else in the world, she wouldn't care. She only has eyes for him. The other cats would only be around during the time she wishes to play. There would be windows at cat level, and they would be open year round.
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Frankie pretty much already rules the world! LOL She would be fed everytime we went into the kitchen and would be an only cat again.

If Wickett ruled play time would be all the time except for when he wants to be snuggled in a blanket.
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If my cats ruled the world...

1. They would heat the house to whatever tempreture they wanted, preferably with real fires.

2. They would have a full team of maids and bodyguards for their trips outside. Butlers would open, and hold open for indefinate periods of time, any doors they wished.

3. Meowmy and Purrpa would be available for naps at least once a day.

4. My bed would be three times the size it currently is (standard king), so they could all sprawl simultaneously.

5. Doggies would not be permitted to chase kitties, ever. Any humans stupid enough to defy this rule would be put to death, after Molly clawed their eyes out, and Sláine peed on them. Ditto for any human hurting a kitty.

6. They would dine on fresh mice and birds every day - plus turkey, prawns, ground beef, chorizo and fresh cream according to individual preference.

7. People food would never contain anything that kitties can't eat, and people food would be surrendered on demand.

8. Cars would be banned.

9. Only vets who truly loved kitties would be allowed to practice, but they'd have to come up with a new way to take a kitty's temperature.

10. Butterflies would be set loose in the house everyday at a random point to add a little spice to the daily hunt.
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Kandie Does rule the world .. she is feed on command , held on command ( this is only after age 17 ), her water is held on command

Zoey would have outside be sunny and about 75 all yr round ... She would be allowed to hunt all of her food
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If my 2 ruled the world, momma would be home all day to wait on them hand & foot, love them when they want to be loved, and to sleep on when they feel like it, and of course so that Louie could follow me around chasing my feet, and trip me.
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If Bob ruled the world, I would have to get a bigger bed so he could strech out without having to move when Meowmy goes to bed. I could not go to work until he is satisfied that I have played with him enough, fed him enough and petted him enough.
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If mine ruled the world I would hole myself up in a bunker and hide!

Seriously though, they would demand that treats are handfed to them, toys are readily available, everything would be their bed, they would sleep as much as they want and be petted all the time... except they already get that without ruling the world!
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Sparkle's rule would be a reign of terror... Lily and Oberon would be peaceful, sleepy rulers. Lily would enjoy giving lots of speeches.

Cheers, from
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If mikey ruled the world
I would have to leave my job to cuddle with him all day
and He would have Pizza and Icecream every day.
Also Stewie, Dan, the snakes and the rats all would have to move out because they are to loud and they would be cutting into nap time which would be 20 hrs a day!
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Sparkle's rule would be a reign of terror... Lily and Oberon would be peaceful, sleepy rulers. Lily would enjoy giving lots of speeches.

Cheers, from
Is it just me, or does that sound a lot like the history of the Soviet Union?
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