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Ailine looses cat - you havr to read this

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I was just reading a story on how the airlines had lost a cat in the airport in San Fransico, really worth checking it out. The owners are suing the airline for 5 million. The airline said it would only compensate $14 per pound!! Just as if you had lost a suitcase I really hope these people win.

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No amount of money would make up for the lose of a family member.
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That's vile. I've never thought putting animals with luggage a good idea anyway.

It seems the airlines are out to penalise anybody who wants to travel with their pets. There should be a special area for animals INSIDE the cabins, especially on long-haul flights.
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I hope that family wins the lawsuit. Its obvious that the airport workers were neglegent and didn't give a crap about what happened to them. The poor cat.
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That's very sad.

Yola - The problem with putting animals inside the cabins is that some people have life threatening allergies to them. My mother for instance would have an asthma attack if she was shut onboard a plane with a cat or dog (or any other animal, that is). I don't know what would happen if she had to fly with a seeing eye dog; she'd probably have to change planes. She has to takes lots of medication to even come see me at my house. A plane where the air just recirculates would be much, much worse.
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Dawn - I too have a very bad allergy to dogs, asthma attacks etc. I can't even sit in the vets waiting room if there are dogs there. Even if there aren't any, I still get quite wheezy from the hair and skin particles in the air.

I was just thinking that an area away from the seating could be set aside. The long haul planes are so huge, that a small, isolated room at the back wouldn't make a huge difference. Owners could take say, 2 visits per flight to make sure their pet was OK.

I think you have to pay for taking pets on a plane (don't you?), so it's not as if there would be a huge amount of lost revenue if some seats are removed. . .
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That makes me so sad that Fu was never found. I know how heartbroken I would be if one of my cats went missing. I wonder if they had all the crates side by side? Maybe one cat got mad at the other and went crazy stuck in that crate? I would never take my cats on an airplane. If I want to travel, my cats get a sitter to feed and pet them. If I ever want to go somewhere that is cat friendly I drive. My cats love riding in cars. I am praying that for Fu's family!!

God Bless Fu
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that poor family. I'd be all sorts of irrate and crazy if someone tried to"stop" me from looking for my cat. You can bet they'd be going home on workmans comp if they got in my way. I'd NEVER let my cats be put into the luggage bin. that's insane! I don't know how anyone could do that to an animal. i agree, they should have a pet section on planes, or better yet, they should have pet only flights so you can ride with your pet next to you and not in a storage compartment. cats in one section, dogs in another and other animals in the third(hamsters, snakes, birds, fish).
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