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Looking to redecorate?

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On another site, someone was talking about their new Cat-tree. Some may already have some of these, its atleast good to see new ideas. It has given me some ideas on making my own.

Angelical Cat Furniture Company
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G'day Fuzzy

A great web site about building your own cat furniture can be found here. It gives full instructions and pictures. I plan to do a bit of construction myself but I'm going to start small with a scratching post LOL
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That stuff looks good but I, already HAVE cat furniture: two sofas, a LaZBoy and a queen-sized bed. Other than the food bowl and litter box, anything labeled "for cats" is disdained, around here.
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Try taking a small wooden step ladder and wrapping it with sissal rope (non-oiled rope) tack on carpet pieces to the steps and the platform at the top and you have an inexpensive durable cat tree. The idea was just presented recently on another cat board and the gal included a photo of the finished result. It was really nice and her cats love it! Here is the photo she furnished
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That looks awesome! I'll have to try that with the little ladder. I would love to build my own BIG cat tree, but living in a apartment I just don't have the woodworking space.
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