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Time for first shots?

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Well I was going to ask when is the age that kittens can get their shots, but then I figured I can just do a forum search and I found about 7 weeks so nevermind with that. they are just 5 weeks so almost. But I thought I would still post anyways since these kittens are just so irresistable! Help me with names please!!

Aren't they a gorgeous little family?

Do you think his eyes will stay blue?

I want to keep this little girl!!

This is the runt, any idea on a name for her?

He has such a sweet little face!
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Aww what cute little babies. No idea on names though, I have enough trouble coming up with names for my own.
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The little dilute torbie is beautiful. I have a soft spot for those, thanks to Pudge.
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Beautiful kittens For the shots my vet does them at 6,9 & 12 weeks. So by the time they are ready for their new home they've had all their shots.
I could be wrong but I don't think the eyes will stay blue, they all seem to have that same kitten blue shade.
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You can look at vaccinations for sale in various pet catalogs on the internet. Some are to be given when kittens are 9 weeks or older. Others 8 weeks or older. Many vets will give vaccinations at 6 weeks, even though the vaccine is labeled for a 9 week old kitten.
I vaccinate mine at 8 wks. 11 wk. & 15 wks. Rabies at 6 mo. unless they are being shipped. I take in a stool sample when getting a well kitten vet exam or deworm them a couple times. I've never seen a dead worm with an inside cat, & haven't had any positive stool samples. I don't think inside cats are that susceptable to worms. During the warmer months I give the kittens a dose of Revolution at 9wks. 13 wks. etc. Revolution is nice stuff, no mites, no fleas, no bugs. It's expensive but you can buy it from Canada for 1/3 less then in the US & with no prescription.
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Originally Posted by bluekat View Post
You can look at vaccinations for sale in various pet catalogs on the internet.
Can you please link me to these online catalogs? Please? I have been searching. I rescue so freakin many cats and take them in and rehome I would go broke paying vets to do it all. I would like this stuff done too before the animals go home in case the people don't do it. At least I know it was done once. But also for revaccinating the strays. Please let me know about the places to order vacciantions online. Also can you order FeLV/FIV tests? I have given them a few times at the shelter so I know how to do it.

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I like http://www.revivalanimal.com for a lot of things.
Revival carriers many products that are the same thing, but not labaled for cats or dogs. If there is a certain item you use a lot of, you may find something that will save you money. For example, Pyrantal Pamoate,(if you use it for deworming) the human version, 10X the strength, but a whole lot cheaper. You have to use a tb syringe for doseing smaller animals. If you buy anything to use off labal, you need to be real certain about your doseing. Many vets will tell you how to dose products. My vet showed me the Ivermectin doseing for cats for mites, right out of a vet text book. Ivermectin is not labaled for cats,(except some ear drops) but extremely cheap compared to Revolution.
www.CanadaVet.com for Revolution.

You can purchase the FeLv/FIV snap combo tests, just do a google search. But they are expensive. My vet doesn't do enough of them in a year to even keep them on stock. I bought them but then had my vet draw the blood & do the test. I wanted people to be able to call my vet if they had questions about my cats testing Negative. If you do them yourself, you have no proof. I have no idea how you would draw blood by yourself to do the snap combo test. My cats aren't real co-operative when someone goes for their jugular. Sometimes it takes 2 of us to hold the cat.
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Y'all be ~very~ careful with self-vaccination ... most vets will not accept your word the vaccines were administered. Unless you have a print-out from an accredited vet showing that the vaccines were properly administered, most vets will require re-vaccination they will not board your animals if they need to stay overnight at the vet's in the event of an emergency or illness.

Saving money is always a good thing, I agree wholeheartedly. But at what expense? If you have to re-vaccinate, the risk of vaccination sarcoma is higher ... or worse.

Just be very, very careful with this.
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