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starting to worry

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I'm starting to worry about Mikey.

(thats my handsome boy as you all know)

The last two weeks he's been acting very distant from me and he hardly ever comes to spend time with me during the day anymore. I am not sure if its cause the kitten CONSTANTLY wants to wrestle and play fight or he is depressed over something. Mikes the kind of cat who doesnt want to play and he would rather curl up next to you and take a snooze.
At night is when we spend the most time together. I come home from work and we get into bed, he lays on me and I pet him for a while then he moves over and goes to sleep. Most nights he's there until I get up at around 10am. Lately I dont even notice him or he doesnt come in at all...
Am i losing my baby?
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He is trying to adjust to the new kitten the best he can. Have you tried to spend time with him just by himself? Has he been eating, drinking and using the litter box ok?
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I agree. Seek him out when he doesn't come to you; go to him, love him up without the kitten around.

We had this same situation with Oberon, our geriatric guy, when we got a kitten, Sparkle. Once he felt loved and secure again, he adopted Sparkle with a grandfatherly protectiveness - very sweet.

Give him lots of time and love.

Cheers, from

p.s. Funny, Mikey reminds me of Oberon! Here's a pic I took with my computer:
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It took our Lulu several months to be back to her mischievous self, and stop ignoring the kittens that had taken her position in the household. She was our baby and with kittens racing all over the household she tended to stay quiet on the sidelines.

Give him plenty of attention and let him deal with this in his own time, he will come around. Just make sure he keeps eating and drinking as normal and he does not overgroom. Apathy is often also a sign of being ill, so take care with that.
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You've been given some excellent advice.

It's taken my Callie a good 8 months to return to her normal self and fully accept Hannah, who was about 6 mos old when we got her last Thanksgiving. Because Callie was so stressed out over the addition of a new cat, I still use Comfort Zone w/ Feliway plug ins, Rescue Remedy, and make sure I give Callie LOTS of attention when I can. She really started responding to me when I started singing to her again, so I've made a point of doing that at least once a day.

If you need to, confine your new kitty to the bathroom for a little while so you can spend quality, uninterrupted time with your older cat. Seek out your guy and sit with him. If you're reading a book or something, take it with you and sit next to him, talk quietly and calmly to him, and reassure him that you still love him. Also, celebrate the little baby steps your cat makes back to his normal self. That brings so much joy, but it will take lots of time and patience.

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