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I dont know if any of you know the story of Spider, but I was asked to look after her and her 'sister' for someone at work while she was inbetween houses - they ended up with me for 5.5 months!!! WEll, I was collared last week as Spider had been in a fight and was on tabs. Her owner told me yesterday that she had gone downhill over the weekend, she took her to the vets on Sat, and was given another jab as she had a low temp, and told to go back yesterday, which she did. HEr temp was still low and slightly dehydrated, so they put her on a drip and did some blood tests, thinking liver probs. Her blood tests came back showing acute renal failure, the vet was shocked with how high the results were of a cat her age, so did suspect poisoning. They were so high the only thing they could do was let her go, she was 6 years and 4 months old. RIP little one, another taken way too young. She is the tabby in this pic

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I'm sorry poor cat.
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oh, RIP Spider
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How sad. Six is definitely too young.

RIP Spider.
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that's awful! rest in peace, Spider.
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She was a super kitty, and defo too young and full of life.
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Rest in peace Sweet Spider.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, and Spider's family's loss.

Rest in peace Spider. Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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Spider you were still a baby at that age, and far too young to leave

Have fun at the bridge sweetie

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Oh no! Poor Spider, too, too young to be taken!

Play happily over the Bridge, sweet Spider Continue to watch over those who loved you
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Rest in Peace sweet Spider
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What a pretty girl

RIP sweet Spider
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Oh poor Spider That is too young. Sending to you all.

RIP sweet Spider
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Oh no....
RIP sweet Spider.
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Thanks for all the kind messages, it is way too young, and she was always in good health. I spoke to her mum yesterday and her other cat does seem to be missing her, but just in the looking round way, she is still eating etc. I dont know whether she will get another cat.
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