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Pepsi - a year on

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Pepsi was actually my neighbours cat, but I loved her as much as one of my own, and out of the 3 of us, I was the only one who regularly showed her any affection, and as a result, I could do more with her than anyone else. Sadly she developed kidney problems, and I was unable to convince my neighbours that vet care for this has improved dramatically since the last time they dealt with it, nor was I able to convince them about euthanasia, so I had to watch her go 'naturally'. Pepsi, I am truly sorry that I let you down, I hope you can forgive me, and I hope you are having fun up on the bridge, terrorising the cats up there.

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poor baby, I'm sorry you had to suffer RIP Pepsi
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That's sad, RIP Sweet Pepsi.
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Oh little Pepsi, I am very sorry you weren't properly cared for. Rest in Peace sweety, you are now free of pain forever
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poor little honey. there was at least one person who truly loved you. RIP Pepsi.
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Oh, I'm so sorry that you had to go through that, but the love you gave Pepsi was important.

Rest in peace and perfect health Pepsi, forever loved.
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The poor baby It must have been so hard having to watch her go without any proper care

Play happily over at Rainbow Bridge Pepsi sweetie, theres no pain or suffering where you are now

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Poor Pepsi

Pepsi is playing happily and healthily, over the Bridge, like a kitten!

Your love will have been felt though and I know she will be smiling and watching over you!
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It was so very hard, but I felt I had to be there for her, however hard it was to see her suffering. The odd part was that I had popped in for Ginger on the Mon, and she was dying, I stayed as long as I could, but then Harold had to take a call - I felt an urge to go back at 10.30, but didn't feel I could - and when Harold put a note through my door, that is when she had died. The poor thing carried on for an hour after I left, and I dont know how long she had been like that before I got there.
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I am sure Pepsi realizes how much you did for her, and how much you loved her.

RIP Pepsi
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from one Pepsi and her fur-family to another Pepsi - RIP little one you are with your forever fur-friends now
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