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Smudge went to the ophthalmologist!

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She has "trichiasis" which is just misdirected eyelashes - they're pointing toward her eyeballs and causing irritation... The ophthalmologist has offered to do the surgery for free, the shelter just has to pay the anaesthesia fees, which won't be much. They don't want to do the surgery until she's 16 weeks old, which is about 3 weeks away still, so she can stay with us until we get back from Australia (the kitties are staying at our house, and our neighbours are feeding them), and she'll definitely get spayed then as well.

Yayyyy!!!!!! Then we can adopt her and she'll have her forever home

I'm soooooo relieved!!!! So the poor thing will still need 2 surgeries, but it's not as bad as they thought, and we just need to pay the adoption fee!
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Thats great news. At least it wasnt anything to serios. Thats great that the vet would do it for just the anaesthesia fees.
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YAY!!!! What a generous offer from the opthamologist! to that whole practice! And it must really be a financial load off your mind for them to do that for her too. Sounds like they fell for her too.
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go Smudge! Go Sarah!!! I love happy endings!!!
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kisses sent to smudge!
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She's a charmer. That is so great.
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That's great news about little sweet Smudge.
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That's great news. I'm so happy for you and that sweet little girl!
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Thanks guys!!!! I can't wait to pick her up, and take her home and give her lots of cuddles!!!
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That's great news! I'm so glad that you are going to be adopting her. She is so sweet.

It's also really nice of the doctor do do the surgery for free. What a wonderful gift to Smudge
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Thats Great News! I'm so happy for you guys. And Im glad Smudge is going to stay with you. Shes just so cute!
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I'm glad it is easliy fixable!!!
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That is absolutely fantastic, I am so happy for you! What a great person to do that surgery for free! That must be a real weight off your minds financially. Fingers crossed for uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery for Smudge. Adorable little kitty that
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Yay, that's great news!

Cheers, from
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What wonderful news! Good luck to her, and to you both.
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i'm soo glad little smudge is going to be able to get the surgery she needs
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that is great news!!!
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What great news for you and Smudge. And what a great doctor to do the surgery for free! That's amazing. I'm so glad you'll be able to adopt her.
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I just saw this! That's great news Sarah! Smudge will finally be able to open here eyes all the way....and then you can finally adopt her.
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that is great news.
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Oh my gosh - you're going to adopt her?!!! I missed something there! That's wonderful!
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That's terrific news! Kudos to the ophthalmologist for donating the time and skills!
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