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started my jjob on monday

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I started my job yesterday (the one thur the temp agency), and so far I like it! The people there are really nice. And, it's 100% computer work with also customer service, but I havent gotten that far. So, far, I've been entering data into Access, filing electronically and faxing electronically, too. The company is called Timberlake. So far, basically what I do is key in the information for the new houses that have to have the cabinets installed, etc. You also release them to the superintendent for installation, etc. I will even have my own cubicle thing once I am trained fully! My hours are from 7-4. It only takes me approx. 25 minutes to get to and from work. Dress is business casual, if its even that, because some wear jeans. Today, I work black pants (rayon/stretchy type) with a sky blue vneck tshirt and sandles.
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Wow!! That sounds like a great job!!! I am happy for you! I hope it turns into something permanent!!! I am also a bit jealous! Sounds like the kind of job I would love, but will never get the chance at, since I haven't the education for it!!! I could do it, no problem, but noone would hire me without the formal training.
Anyway, I am very happy for you!!!!! I hope it works out!!! You deserve it!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!
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me too! me too! I am SOOOO jealous! sounds like a dream job. Debby maybe we should go back to school so we can have nice "cushy" jobs like Tigger! LOL~:laughing:
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If only I could! *sigh*
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Sure you could do it! I dont have an education either ...... Well, I take that back: I did graduate from H.S. & I do have some college courses (for an AA), but they are the general crapola you have to take. You should go & register at one of those temp agencies, if you have a day off & hubby watches Amber, just for the hell of it. They test you on the different software, typing skills, data entry, etc. Never know! And, Jugen, I know you could do it, too ...... you work with customers, have management skills. I just happen to have always enjoyed doing this type of work. It's too bad I wasted 4 years at the other place, but I had to do what I had to do.

BTW, Debby ..... how's your stomach feeling? Are the stitches healing good?
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But how did you learn all the different software, and data entry? I also have some college education (the basic stuff, like you). But I have no knowledge of this computer stuff, how did you learn?
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I've always enjoyed computers. In my senior year of high school, I was in the Co-Op program (work half a day, go to school half of day). My junior year, I took business classes, more computer program classes, where I learned Word Perfect & that stuff. I also can self-teach myself on a lot of programs. That's how I know basic web programming. I have Office on my computer @ home, and hubby is into computers..... So, if I need help with something, he usually can help, but hes more into the programming and systems admin. type.. But, a lot of stuff, I've just picked up on my own. As for data entry, @ Motorola, I did that daily..... entering test results into their own program. I also tested at 9200+ key words per minute at the different agencies, and that was just using the 10 key pad, and also alpha-numeric. I am thinking that the library might have self-taught tutorials you can rent?
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Tigger - it great that you enjoy your job and that it isn't too far from home! Are they paying you what you wanted?
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I'm so glad you like your new job, Tigger! No matter what you are doing, having good people surrounding you makes it good.

Debby and Jugen - I know there are lots of study at home type programs you can do. If you need computer training, there are TONS of books and programs you can work on. There's the Video Professor thing, www.videoprofessor.com that I've seen the commercials for. He offers the first course free, so you really aren't out anything if the style doesn't work for you. On the website, click on the Products button to see all the programs he offers. There are even demos, and skill tests that you can take free on that page.

Besides those, there are the study at home programs that actually offer degrees, if you have a specific career in mind. My best friend lives out in the middle of nowhere Nebraska and has 3 kids, so going to a college is not an option. She's studying Accounting at home, when she has time between the kids, and is doing well. For her, by the time the kids are at an age where they are in school or pre-school, she will have a degree in Accounting so she can actually market herself for a job.

Just some thoughts for you guys...
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They are paying the minimum what I asked for, but that is ok with me. It's temp - hire, and they have been known to give pay raises whil you are on the temp agency's payroll.
I just got paid last night, and also got a bonus (from my last job), so 2 high bills will be wiped out within a matter of days. After that, we have 1 more bill to go, with the exception of the visa.
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