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Dear Allexnell,

Oh Wow...that would be such an inspriration to all of us! I can't wait till you start the thread... great idea Allex :lovgrin:

Love &
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thoughts right now...

i am so very tired,
tired of explaining myself, tired of misinterpratations,
tired of failure, tired of therapy, i am tired of being so tired,
of it taking so long to wake up every morning.
tired of everything remaining the same.

"afraid of change, afraid of staying the same"

i am afraid of the emptiness i know and hold hands with,
i am afraid of looking in the mirror,
i am afraid of what i might say everytime i open my mouth,
i am afraid of routines,
i am afraid of what i want, and how far away it seems.
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I just finished reading every page, I don't know how long it took me but I sit here stuned. I can stare at this screen & try to find the words----it's as if I stand at the edge of an empty valley all alone. Only to realize I'm not alone after all. This is hard for me b/c I'm not one to share my feelings but I know just how each of you feel. Does it make it easier for me to realize I'm not the only one?? I've always felt I was. At times I thought I was loosing my mind. I would sit for hours stairing at nothing, or cry for no reason. Facing the day was hell. You can see I said "was". After some panic attacks that sent me to the hospital I received help.I've been taking welbuttrin for 3 years now. It has helped a lot. I can face the day, do things again. But the battle is far from over. My mother had depression & now I see it in my older son. They say it is hereditary & I guess it's true. But what ever the reason there is no reason to suffer alone as I did for years. I was raised in the old school, (you don't talk about certian things) oh,no. But now it's different. Just the fact that a page like this is going on I find amazing!! It's a help to all of us who live with it everyday. God Bless all of you!
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thank you for sharing that with us. i see so much of me in you in your
posts, you are a joy to have around, thanks for joining us here, we
are that much more blessed here, for you.

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Blue.... I am going to close this thread and start thoughts part 2 if that is okay with you. It has just gotten so long.
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