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A Tribute

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To all the beautiful felines who are taken from our world and over the Bridge. To the ones who have warm homes and people to love them like their own child, and to the ones who have no home, and no one to care for them. Your lives may seem all too short to us, but while you were here you filled our lives with joy and peace; comfort, companionship, and love. You're all precious angels, and your memory will live forever in our hearts.
In some cases we may not have known you in life, and may only have seen your little, broken body on the side of the road, but our Lost Ones will know you over the Bridge where you may live forever in peace and warmth without worry. May God bless those who have taken in these precious strays and ferals who otherwise wouldn't have known real love, and the strength and compassion humans are truly capable of; and may God bless those who have adopted a kitten, a senior, or a cat at any stage of life from a shelter where they probably wouldn't have enjoyed a life as full as they do now. May God bless all who have taken from their lives to give to another who couldn't have made it by themselves.
Although it always hurts to lose a loved one, we know that they will be welcomed with open paws on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.
Run quickly darlings, your future awaits.
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That's beautiful. Thank you.
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Oh how touching. How very, very sweet. Thank you.
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No problem. I feel I'm lucky in that I haven't lost a friend in a while, even though it still breaks my heart to hear about other peoples loss of their loved ones. I don't know what I would do if I ever lost any of my kids, even though I know they won't be around forever. I just felt this was the best way to pay my tribute to all the babies lost recently, in the past, and the future.
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That was lovely. Anybody that has a scorpion for a pet has a great big wonderful heart........you rock, girl....
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That is very touching and very sweet. What a beautiful tribute
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That was beautiful.
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