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Hello to all! My name is Kristin and I am so glad I found this site! I live in Massachusetts and I foster Maine Coons. I currently have 2 female Maine Coons of my own but I also have 2 male Maine Coon foster's and a Persian mix (female) foster. I love them all and have a real hard time saying "No rooms at the Inn" (That's why I have a Persian mix foster). I feel it's not their fault that nobody wanted them, so I have to give them a good home until we can find the right furrever home! My husband has been a saint. Everytime a new cat arrives he just rolls his eyes.

Well I hope to get to know some of you and chat about different techniques of getting adoptive homes.

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Welcome, Kristin! It's great to have an animal lover like you join us. I am moving this to New Cats on the Block so that everyone can meet you. Please come back to SOS when you can and tell us about your rescue work also.
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Welcome to the site! What a wonderful thing you do to foster cats. It must be very rewarding, if heartbreaking to say goodbye. Thank you for helping these wonderful creatures. You are right, it isn't their fault that they weren't loved. With you in their lives, they have a good second shot at having a loving home, and a good life.

I look forward to getting to know you, and your kitties.
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Welcome. It's great to have another cat lover here so we can hear all your stories - good or bad.

Do you have any pictures? I love all cats, but having 2 persians myself I just ADORE fluffy pusscats.

I do have a DSH also, who I love equally as much (he'll sulk if he doesn't get a namecheck).
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I would love to post some pictures, but how do you post more than one at a time and how do you do those little thumbnails? The personal ones, not the smiley faces.

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Photos are a nemesis of many here... To post more than one, they have to be hosted on another web site that allows remote viewing (being seen on another site via a link). To do it that way, click the IMG button just above the posting box, and paste the link to the picture. To do it directly from your computer, the picture has to be smaller than 400x400 pixels and less than 33Kb, and you can only put up one per post. To do it that way, click the Browse button below the posting window by Attach file: and direct it to the location of the picture on your computer. For more picture questions, and other computer stuff, check out the "Your Computer Questions Answered" thread at the top of The Cat Lounge, and the "New to the Forums? Check this out..." Annoucement at the top of any of the forums, then click on the Posting Basics.

For the thumbnail pic, I think you are referring to our Avatars, the little pics by our name on the left of the post. To get to those, you have to go into your User CP, and click the Edit Options. At the very bottom, there is your Avatar options. You have limited options as a Kitten, you get more as you post more. I think you can create your own once you hit 100 posts (in order to save some space on the server, they made it so you have to stick around a while )

Hope this helps!
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Thank you!
That was very helpful. I'll have to manipulate my pictures to make them smaller so I can post them here.

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Welcome Kristin!!
I think it's awesome that you foster Maine Coons....and that your husband only rolls his eyes when another innocent kitty show up at your door. You both deserve a GIANT TROPHY!!!

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I'd have to say posting pictures on the Cat Site is probably the #1 way to get cats adopted! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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First of all welcome! People who foster are my heros. They go beyond the call of duty. I am sure you have much to teach us here.

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