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kitty Christmas toy

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I had a crazy idea the other day when I was walking through the local toy dept...I saw this toy called roboraptor and I thought that it would be perfect to bring home for a Christmas present for Marcie. Being that it is about the size of a bird, and that raptors are supposedly related to birds, I thought that it would be cool to see how Marice would react to it. She is an only cat and I am constantly trying to find things that will amuse her. My husband thinks that it will scare the crap out of Marcie and that I really only want the toy for myself (small grain of truth to this possibly). Here is a link to the roboraptor

what do you guys and gals think?
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work at toy store and have seen these- id love to see the reaction but know if i brought it into my house I fear mine would all attack eachother lol. If you end up getting on "for the cat" grin PLEASE post the reaction
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Radar would break it in a couple of days I'm sure- he seems to have done a good job with my remote-control cars
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If you get on youtube.com, they have some funny cat/ roboraptor videos. We were watching them at work the other day and I almost fell out of my chair laughing!
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I think they'd be scared of it. It doesn't smell, look, feel or sound like a real bird (except to us) and I've seen our cats be frightened of (and wreck) much smaller things.
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I have seen commercials for roboraptor and think that it would frighten most cats. Maybe yours is different. Gizmo would head for the hills, or at least for the bed.
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