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Hard to find presents

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Ever have someone on your christmas list where you know what you'd like to get them but can't find it for the life of you? My sister is just that person.
There are two presents that I've been searching for for a million years, and I thought maybe someone might have a good idea for me.
The first one is a plaque that says "The right shoe can change your life" and it's signed "Cinderella"...My sister is sort of obessed with shoes. The lady who owns the shoe store down the street has one, and of course it was a gift so all she knows is it came from the states. I've looked on ebay with some results but not what I want.
The second present is a wall hanging. Words hanging on a wall are very popular right now (I'm a sucker for "Dream") and you can get them in wood, metal, plastic, etc. Of course my sister doesn't want a normal word, and she insists that it has to be done in script. She want's "I can" for her wall. Again, ebay search uncovered nothing.
She may just have to forget it.
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I don't know about the plaque, but can you maybe get somebody to make the letters for you?
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There are often street vendors around here that do the metal words for walls and will do any word in whatever font type you like - perhaps look around markets etc with artisans
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Do you know anybody who is into woodworking who could make the words or "shoe plaque" for you? I've gotten some homemade cat and dog plaques over the years, and even a wooden "Jamie". Or how about making one yourself using a fancy mirror, stencils, and paint? An arts and crafts store could probably advise you.
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The only thing I could find was a Pin.. No Plaques...

You might wanna try someone who does wood carvings.. We have several of those places in the malls...
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