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A friend needs help...

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I have a very good friend of mine who has two kids and needs help.. She doesn't have money for Christmas, her husband has left her, she doesn't work because she doesn't have daycare for her kids. She has virtually NO food.. I would help her if I could but I'm not too much better off then she is... Any suggestions?
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Invite her to Xmas dinner?
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Originally Posted by silentNate View Post
Invite her to Xmas dinner?
Good Idea
I've already invited her to Thanksgiving Dinner
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Call around to some charities and see if they are doing anything for children who wont be getting anything for Christmas. I know a lot of chairities take up toys to give to people who otherwsie wouldnt be able to afford it. And ask them how to sign up to be a recipient. Good luck with helping her, that is very nice of you!
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Call your local Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, and/or your local church/food kitchens for assistance for her. They will help!

Been there, done that, and those are the organizations that helped me out when I was a single parent with no income. (That's why I now spend lots of my time and money being a volunteer/fundraiser.)
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Great suggestions everyone!
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Food bank. They are amazing when you can't afford food. I used one a year ago a few times and they had all sorts of things like diapers, cat food, toilet paper, kleenex etc.
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I agree. Find anything like the salvation army or organization who helps those in need.
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The Salvation Army is a good one, any local food banks.......churchs.Also, if you have any womens shelters, they will help with food and toys.
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Where I live there is somthing called the "Help Santa toy parade" and "toy Mountain" You might wish to contact local charities. Also somtimes a company will sponsor a family for the holidays. I used to work at a place Called Deloitte which was a large acounting firm, they took 2 local families and bout them all the food they needed for a month including the things for a Christmas dinner and toys for the children. The names for these families were given to them by family charities and foodbanks in the area.
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There are a lot of links there and I know they are active in your area as our business isn't far and we have had letters from them asking if we would accept grants / give payment plans etc
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Toy for Tots!
also ask around your family for some canned food donations...Stop by and grab some corn at Aunt Jills house, some beans at your sister/brothers house, steal some stuffing from your parents house. Ha thats just the sneak kid in me lol.
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There are definately programs for families in need...My office is adopting a family and buying a bunch of toys for the kids at Christmas, I am so exctied for it!!

I hope they get some help
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If you have enough friends and family to have a "pounding" that might help. Everyone brings things that are a "pound" : a pound of sugar, a pound of butter, a pound can of soup. Lots of things come in one pound containers. Cheap easy way to get some stuff in the cupboard.
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