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Letter of recommendation

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Ok I am writing a letter for my best friend's nursing portfolio. But I haven't the slightest as to where to start. I am supposed to say how long I have known her (easy 14 years), my personal opinion of her (easy again I love her to death, she is my best friend) and how I think she will do as a nurse (easy again she will be an awesome nurse. She could take care of me anytime!). But how do I word it? I suck at writing things like this! So anyones help would be AWESOME!!
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This site should help you, it's step by step!
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Something like:

I have known x for x years, as a close friend and confidant. As a friend she has always shown loyalty, reliability and discretion. I would have no hesitation in trusting her with my life/children/cats/wallet. She is not afraid of responsibility or hard work (give examples if possible). She and I went to ballet school/girl scouts/primary school together and I can honestly say she was a good team player and popular with others. She is a caring person who used to do an elderly neighbour's shopping/babysit for her aunt/visit a hospice as a volunteer.

There are a few ideas to start with - you can think of more.
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Thanks! That really helps! I am so terrible at writing things like this so any help is always great! Any more input from anyone will be great!!
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