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Weight Watchers, again

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I know there are other wieght watchers threads out there but my sister and me are going to do the plan. I want to hear some success stories if you all have any. I think this is really a plan I can stick with. I am going to do the flex plan. Oh And I have just started today. So far so good!
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It really does work if you can stick with it. I lost about 10 lbs. over about 3 months last summer doing WW. Good luck!
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About 10 days ago I started the "You Diet" plan as featured on Oprah by Dr Oz. I bought the book a day or two after the show aired. (You on a Diet) I have lost 5# in 10 days so far. I walk 35 minutes every day and stretch 5 minutes after that. The key is having a the same type of breakfast daily and a similar type of lunch daily. I have had wine almost every day!!! And chocolate about every other day. No real hunger pains or cravings for potato chips and stuff like that!! You don't count calories either. This is more a lifestyle change than anything else. Its a good informative book and seems quite effective. Even DH is happy with my meals.
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I like WW, but it's nearly christmas so i'll start in January
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Well, my FI and I have been on the Flex plan since Oct 16, and it's working very well for us both. I've lost 12 lbs so far, and he's lost 25 lbs (but is beginning to slow down, thank goodness -- I was getting worried about him!). If you're comfortable trying new recipes, I strongly recommend you get some of the WW cookbooks (we're big favourites of Simply Bueno!, Stir It Up, and Everyone Loves Chicken); the recipes are fairly simple but the food is excellent. I've honestly found that WW has been far, far easier than I was expecting (although for the first week or so, all I did was think about food -- not that I was hungry, but that I was thinking about how much things cost, Points-wise, and trying to find new recipes to try out). There are also a lot of great sites out there that offer support: the WW main site is available for Canada, UK, USA and Australia/New Zealand (with different recipes and tips on each site -- do a Google search for them), although you have to pay to access the e-tools and the bulk of the recipes; there's also Dottie's Weight-Loss Zone ( which has a listing of many restaurants in the US and Canada, with Points values for their foods; and has a forum called BootCampBuddies where you can discuss WW with other people (and its free!).
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I've been in WW for 8 weeks as of tomorrow.... so far I've lost 12.4 pounds. We'll see how I do tomorrow though, I have been bad this past weekend!!!!

I have a love/hate relationship with WW so far! I love it because it works, I hate it because I have to totally change my eating habits since it's not just a 'diet', it's a way of life! It is tough but if you stick with it you will be glad you did! Every tiny little bit is a step in the right direction so don't be discouraged if you feel you're not losing it fast enough...

One thing I have done that has made keeping track of my points a lot easier is to write how many points each serving is right on the packaging with a big black marker, then I don't have to try to remember what it's worth or figure it out every time. Also- take your pointsfinder with you when you go grocery shopping!!!!
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I"ve done WW in the past with great success.....but like anything, you have to stick to it! You can do it!!!
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I've been doing WW since September 2005, and have lost about 70 lbs so far. I still want to lose some more, but it's been good for me so far. I switch between the Flex and Core plans, because I get kinda bored doing one or the other and it keeps me from getting in too big of a rut.

DH started doing his own version of the core plan about 6 weeks ago. (He refuses to attend meetings, and insists on including stuff like bread. ) He's lost 16 lbs so far, though.
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Good luck Chica!
The fact that your sister is joining will be helpful, the buddy system helps you stay motovated and involved.

someone posted that they walk 35 minutes a day...that to is very very helpfull. When i go to the gym i walk way more than i run. and i feel way better afterwards.

A good thing to do while watching your food intake is also strength training with 3-5lbs weights. You can go at your own pace and there are plenty of video tapes/dvds out there. It helps build long lean muscles in all the right womenly ways.

It is amazing making life changing steps. you feel great! I started this summer working out and eating better...I had more energy and felt better. My confidence boosted and over all things were looking up.
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I joined in May and lost 24 lbs- made it to lifetime.. Besides just eating less at a time the main things for me were following a more balanced diet- more vegetables!!! The first couple weeks are hard, but then you stop missing your junk. Also still treat yourself to small desserts.
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Good luck! Weight Watchers is a great way to begin your new life of eating healthier!

I'm not on weight watchers, but I've been doing South Beach since June and have lost 60 lbs. I lost a lot the first 2 months and now it's 2-4 lbs a month, which is perfect!
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Good luck Brandi!

My mom has been on Weight Watchers for a long time, she's lost a total of 70lbs in about 2 years. I'm so proud of her, she's finally down to a size 8 (we just went and bought her new jeans the other day, she tried on a 10 and a 12 first, but success! They were too big -a size 8 worked!! ) She loves it because its SO flexible. You can eat what you want since everything is on the points system.

You can to do it, before long it just becomes a routine - and you won't really notice that your doing it, until you start losing the weight!!

She also did a lot of walking while she was dieting, which also helped. She went to the meetings weekly, and got really great receipes that helped her out too. We still eat them, they are so good!

Good luck girl - you can do it!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
I know there are other wieght watchers threads out there but my sister and me are going to do the plan. I want to hear some success stories if you all have any. I think this is really a plan I can stick with. I am going to do the flex plan. Oh And I have just started today. So far so good!
One of my sisters lost 35 lbs in 7 months on the flex plan and the other lost 43 lbs in about a year.
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you can do it!!!! hmm ok maybe i should post some of my fat pic(accept i dont have any of me now to compare with).. ok, well as i said before, after i hurt my back, i kept my eatting habits i went up to 370 lbs i finally went to a local weight watchers meeting, only to find out that here men are not very welcome in there meetings

But with my weight, and my back problems i had 2 chocies lose weight or get a wheel chair. i started watching what i had, No fast food, no milk( for me that was the worse part) No pop(well i still have one diet pop a day) fruit or just a bagel in the morning, more fruit or salad at lunch, and some diet dinner. with guess what more fruit or oatmeal or surger free cookies at night.

how i cant lift weights any more or walk for long periods of times, i can swim, so i become part fish(which was fun really) i was taking in about 1,200-2000 a day. I have lost about 140 pounds in 14 months? the fist 3 weeks, kinda scared me as i lost 17, 15,14 pounds lol then it slowed way down, hmm kinda like 4-7 pounds a week. i started going to the Doc,he was happy with 4-5 but the weeks i hit 7 i got yelled out.
but men can lose weight a little faster the women can.

But like i have said here before, the weight lost thing has to be what you want for you!!!
not for anyone one else. its not always easy. but you can do it
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