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Cat Sprayed On Dogs

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First of all I would like to say hello. Now here is my problem...I busted my fixed female cat not more than an hour ago spraying on 2 of our 3 dogs. I have read alot of info on your site but I think my case is unique. Now all three dogs were "here" before the cat, to tell the truth she thinks she is a dog! I have picked up a few product names and will try them in the morning. I just think I need some advice.
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How long have you had your girl? No health issues?
My senior joji (spayed) tends to spray on anything that smells unfamiliar to her. Once she even sprayed my arm but it was because we were seated on a new couch and I was holding her.
Maybe your dogs smell different after your walks? Or it could be she is so thrilled to be their friend? One of my boys - Ashley - before he got neutered used to spray on his pal Buddy after a play session.
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My Gizmo or 'kitten' (as I call her) is about 1.5 years old and she has never done anything like this before...our dogs haven't gone anywhere because of the weather we had just last week.(my house flooded in the rain). Could maybe the weather had something with her behavior?
My last cat peed places when she was mad at me but never the dogs. The dogs came with my boyfriend. then as much as I don't like to bring it up my last cat thought she was tough and challenged the neibourhood racoons. Well anyways I don't like telling the story. But this cat dosen't go outdoors. Not unless she is on a leash.
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Here 's an idea. Buy yourself some vanille essential oil. And put a drop of it onto the fur of the dogs, in the neck. If they are big dogs, a bit more. And the same with the cat. The point is to create a colony-smell. If you all smell the same, you are from the same pack/colony, and then there is no need to mark you anymore Unless she is doing it out of dominance, but even then it might still help.
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