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medicine giving

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Ok bella we are giving her antibiotics and well if you do it normally and try to get the surenge thingy in her mouth she fights you well i have these fruit chews candy and she always tries to eat them when I am and so I came up with this idea to maybe put the medicine on top of the candy because there is like a bar in the middle (it is small candy) but the sides are higher than the middle so i put some in the middle and she licks it right up, n e elses cat take medicine different, I am thinking she takes it like this because its not being forced and when she gets done she still gets either a cherry, or apple, or blueberry flavor in her mouth lol, is this bad how i am giving her her medicine?
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I think it is ok. It's important that she gets the medicine. I wrap Humble's in a little weensy bit of cheese.
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I mix mine in canned food. Works like a charm for my piggy kitties.
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After what I have been through I feel anything to get the medicine down is great.
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