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What do you do with your ripped jeans??

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Well the knee finally ripped out of my absolute favorite pair of jeans tonight. I noticed the last time I wore them that they were getting pretty worn through the knees. I don't really care for the gaping hole, (especially now that its cold) but I think I'm going to try to "funk" them up a bit. I think I'm going to buy some cool fabric tomorrow and iron it onto the inside of the hole. I thought about distressing them a little more and possibly lining the edges of the back pockets with the same fabric. Of course they'll be "dress down" jeans from now on (no more wearing them with heels ) but I think they might be cute this way! I'm going to tack the edges of the holes so that they can't grow any bigger. This will be the first time I've ever done anything like this though, so I hope they turn out allright. Have any of you ever fixed up your old jeans? Care to share any experiences??
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i dont know what the fashion is over there at the moment, but here is stripy stuff, so maybe buy stripy coloured fabric, and sew it on from the inside and just rip up the edges more to make it funkier.

I find that the iron on stuff doesnt really work after a few washes unless you sew it on
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As I only have one pair of jeans at the moment......
Anyhow DH rips out his knees and I put a heavy duty iron on patch on and then also sew the edges so it stays put.
One of the local fabric stores has these cool sewing machines that can do all sorts of embroidery-they may know someone who could sew/embroider cool stuff on the pants for a fee.
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I've done the iron-on patch thing and the make-them-into-cutoffs thing, but my absolute FAVORITE way to "funk" up a pair of ripped jeans is to use a prewashed cotton bandana as a patch. Sew it to the INSIDE of the hole, so that the frayed part frames the patched area.

It is WAAAAY softer and more comfy than ANY of those iron-on patches!!!
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Thanks you guys!! I may definately try the bandanas, I hadn't thought of that. I noticed the other day that walmart had a bunch of really cute ones on clearance too!
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Believe it or not, I actually learned about the bandana thing from a guy friend who used to rip out the crotch of his jeans all the time, and used them as patches so that he could keep wearing the jeans as long as possible.

I tried it once on a ripped out knee, and loved the feeling of the soft cotton against my skin.

Definitely wash them first, though - they DO shrink, so you want to be sure that you have prewashed it before using it as a patch.
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I don't wear or even own jeans but as far as I know the fashion is to rip them! Or buy them that way. I always see people with lots of holes all over their jeans. My little sister is Miss Fashion and she buys them ripped or else spends quite awhile doing it herself. Then you can wear them with tennis shows or heels it doesn't even matter!
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Honestly, if my jeans rip, I cut both legs off & tie a huge knot in the middle. Then my two dogs get two new tugs-o-war toys. That's not what you're looking for, though. I always buy a little chunk of pretty fabric & sew it to the inside of the hole!
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If my jeans get torn I just cut them up and give them to the rats. But that doesnt really help you. My mom used to do the bandana thing. It looked pretty good.
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Yeah, the whole ripped jean thing is the style now, but this rip isn't all that fashionable!! Plus its really cold outside and the air just comes right through the hole.

Thanks for warning me about the bandanas I don't know why but I never thought about them shrinking!!
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I use ripped up jeans for quilts and patches on other jeans if they are in really bad shape.
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I ware them till they are falling apart. Then I make them into a stylish bag by cutting off the legs sewing them up using the disgarded legs to make a sholder strap and possibly an inside pocket. Then they still look great and you can still use them in a fashion.
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