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Kitten Cough..

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I have a 2 in a half month old kitten (Tessa) that gets pretty hyper now and then. This morning she was running all around the house acting like her usual self but then later tonight I noticed she's been sleeping alot more then usual and she didnt really eat much today. Sometimes she won't eat if nobody else is in the room with her, she'll come lookin for you and sit at your feet meowing then I get up and go back to where her food is and she'll start eating again. She sneezes a little, not that much really and started a little cough tonight that sounds like a kennel cough. She did that a couple times and now is sleeping again. I got her from my vet from one of the workers and she still goes in every month for checkups. I don't know if that's normal for a cat to sleep alot and not eat that much like she does. (I know kittens sleep more) She goes in again for another checkup in a couple weeks but was wondering if there's anything I should watch for if she still won't eat and sleeps alot.
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Are her eyes running? Is her nose running?

Is it possible she got into some dust? I would watch carefully that she eats and drinks. She's only a baby and she can not afford to lose much in the line of weight or fluid.

Let us know how she is doing, OK?
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She's been eating today and drinking more water. So far she's been her usual hyper self again today. She does get under bookcases so it could have been just dust then. I moved some furniture around so she cant get under alot of the furniture but she figured out how to jump higher to still get where she wants to be.
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If she does not have runny eyes or a runny nose, if she is eating and drinking, playing, using the litter box, I would suggest that you just keep and eye on her. She is sooooooo little, but it sounds to me like she ran into a dust bunny or two.

If she starts getting worse, or if you get concerned, call a vet and explain the symptoms.
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