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Skye is having a hard time adjusting...

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So we have welcomed 2 new kittens into the house 1 week ago after loosing our alpha boy Nathan a week earlier. The problem is that I am worried about Skye our resident kitty- Nathan's brother for the last 10 years. Skye has always been somewhat skittish. He is tolerating the new kittens but is periodically hissing at them (The kittens are good in that they don't fight or hiss back when he does it) and he has started excessively grooming himself. I know he must be stressed. I probably put him through too much. I have bought him new toys and always play with him first, say hi to him first, feed him first- and only snuggle and harass the new kittens when he is sleeping or in another room. They both like him and want to be his friend, but he isn't feeling it. Sometimes the girl kitten will get up on his perch with him and he will allow it and even briefly groomed her. His new self grooming habit isn't over the top- but is definitely a change for him. I also noticed his nose is slightly redder than normal- like his is licking his lips too much. Does anyone have any advice? He is 10 and has lost his brother and met 2 new friends who really want him to like them. I want him to be ok. He is eating fine- but still. I worry about him. It has only been a week- am I over reacting?

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its going to take time. and maybe alot of it.
when my wife come back to the states with her cats. back in the spring,
my cat wanted nothing to do with them. just yesterday, was the first time i saw her playing chase around the house with the other 2. and its been.. hmmm 6 months or so.

But she still hissed at the one, when she saw him in my lap.
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wow... thanks... that is a long time! Hopefully Skye will learn to enjoy their company...
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I just had a better look at his nose... it is like the bottom part of it is a little raw. Almost like chapped lips when you pull some skin off. Does that make sense? Could this be from licking too much? Any advice on helping him with this?
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Was Nathan sick before he died? Was it anything that could possibly be contagious? I'd check with the vet to be sure.
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No, Nathan had cancer. I am starting to wonder if he sniffed a candle that was lit? It looks like it could be burnt.
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It took my 10 yo about 7 or 8 months to fully get acclimated to our new cat. I ended up using Feliway plug-ins and Bach's Rescue Remedy to help my cat not be so stressed.

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I will try those things and see if it helps him. We are all traveling for the holidays- so maybe the trip will help them bond. When we get back I will buy that stuff. Thanks!
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Could it be from fighting?

Bootsie had a raw area around her nose shortly after meeting Monty. I think it was a result of fighting and having the fur scratched (bit?) off. It went away in about a month.
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No, Skye hasn't fought with them. He will hiss- but they will walk away. The kittens are so cute that they still try to be friends.
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Well, you did put this senior through a lot, so it ll take him some time to catch up. He is still mourning the loss of his brother, and now he has two very active intruder-youngsters who dont take a hint just yet, bugging him.

That is a lot to take in for any cat, and especially at his age. You said it had only been a week. In normal circumstances, where one cat meets another, with average personalities, this is gonna take at least up to two weeks, if not more.

Add to that that you putted two bratty kittens with him, instead of one...i would say all in all he s doing juuuust fine If he is allowing himself to be groomed by them already, he s already on his way to accepting them, so dont worry.

as for the self-grooming and the nose...it is probably just stress. Just make sure he does not overdo it and keep a close eye on it. If it turns into a wound, get it dressed by a vet. Keep playing with him and give him attention. He should be back to his old self soon.
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