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Star's Legacy...Dangerous Flea and Tick drops

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My Mother, sister, and I started this email on August 8th. We feel it is very important and urgent that all pet owners know how dangers over-the-counter flea and tick drops are. Since the original email, I have had to send an update which I am including at the end of the original email. Please help us get this important information out to all pet lovers.

Star's Legacy...August 8th, 2002

Star was a fifteen pound, healthy, gentle, ten year old, long hair mixed breed cat. Today he is seven pounds and dying from extensive liver damage. The cause is an over-the-counter flea medication manufactured and distributed by Hartz. This is not an isolated incident. At the time the topical pesticide was administered to Star it was also applied to two other cats who became sick but apparently escaped the tragic results that Star suffers. I also applied half doses to my cats and within 24 hours had my Persian at the vet because of a serious allergic reaction. Vets are aware and warn the clients that this product is extremely toxic, but unfortunately, they are seeing the patient after the fact and the damage is done. We have been told there is nothing we can do to have this product removed from the market, but we don't believe that. The purpose of this email is three fold:

1. We are warning all animal lovers and pet owners of the dangers.
2. We are asking that you do not purchase or use any pesticide, and in particular Hartz Flea and Tick Drops, without first consulting with your veterinarian.
3. Please add your name and the number of pets in your household to this list and forward it to everyone you know, your local Human Society, local pet stores, vets, etc.

When there are 250 names, please forward to EdithBlessing@aol.com. I will forward this to Hartz, American Veterinary Medical Association, and the chain pets stores.

If we cannot persuade Hartz to remove this product from the market, at least we will be letting them know that we will not be adding to their revenue at the expense of our animals.

We sincerely hope this will, at the very least, prevent unnecessary suffering and possible death of another innocent animal. If you have had an experience with over-the-counter medications such as this, please add your comments to this email

Thank you
Edith Blessing, Helen Robertson, and Cynthia Pierce

1. Helen Robertson (3 cats, one of which is Star)
2. Edith Blessing (4 cats and 1 dog)
3. Cynthia Pierce (5 cats and 2 dogs)

Star's Legacy....Update...August 24th, 2002

Our sweet Star died today. His suffering became too much to bear. He was down to 5 pounds and could not even hold down water.
My sister and I supported my mother as we took Star to his vet this morning.
His last moments were peaceful as my mother gently cradled his frail body and spoke sweetly to him. The last things he heard and felt were her love. Our sadness and tears flowed as we watched this sweet and gentle creation of God, slip away.
Please take a moment to caress and love your special companion(s) in memory of our sweet Star....Let this be a renewed conviction to all of us. Forward this message so the light from our Star will always shine bright. We must continue to try to save others by getting the over-the-counter pesticides, such as Hartz, removed from the market.

In Loving Memory Of Our Beautiful STAR.
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I am sorry to read this. It is not the first death I have heard of from this product, nor sadly, do I believe will it be the last. We have other posts about this product and the sad aftermath it has caused in these forums from the past,
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