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Siamese in Cleveland / Female / 5

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I have rescued a female siamese, aged five from a life on the streets. I will keep her until I find her a suitable home. She's front declawed . Her name is Nikki and she's just beautiful! She's very easy going and vocal.

It is not known if she is good around dogs, but she loves everyone and gets along well with other cats. She appears to be in good health, but needs (I'm guessing) a check up.

She belonged to a girl my sister works with who bought a dog and decided this cat was a *bother* My sister was fostering her and was unable to continue doing so. She said Nikki's owner purchased her from a pet store at $700 and is up-to-date on shots & rabies, but provided no vet records.

If you're interested, I will only release her to a qualified home. Thanks everyone!
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I don’t know if you’ve tried this or not, but Siamese Rescue Center has a national list you can have the cat put on that goes out in a newsletter to people who are interested in adopting a Siamese cat: http://www.siamlist.org/

The rescue ended up taking my stray Siamese mix so I have no experience with it personally- though I definitely would have used it if they hadn’t- but I thought I’d pass on the information incase you were interested.
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If you can please email me a picture of her, I have a list of people in the Cleveland area who are looking for Siamese cats or kittens. I have this list because I had a kitten available a few months back and I kept the contact info for all the people who called me, the one's who said I should contact them if I know of any more who need a home. Maybe one is interested but of course they will ask for pictures.
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same here... i aave a waiting list for siamese
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I bet the OP doesn't realize they didn't include anyway to contact them. And they haven't been back since they posted... I hope they come back since there are 2 people here willing to help!
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