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Normally Meeker doesn't like any new cats; she'll hiss and growl and run away after trying to swat them and try to avoid them at all costs. I can't really blame her, she was the only cat for a loong time, and she's beginning to get on in years. I've been worried about her with my kitten Psyche, I don't want her to be all stressed out about her and grumpy at her, but just in the last few days I've noticed that Meeker isn't hissing or growling or avoiding Psyche at all! If I put Psyche near her she used to sniff noses then growl, but now she'll look and sniff for a long time and not even give a dirty look. Meeker will even follow her around and it doesn't bother her to eat close to Psyche anymore.
I'm so excited that Meeker is starting to be able to make friends now!
What's next.. getting along with Draco??