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Male vs. Female? Species types?

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Which are more affectionate, males or females? I currently have 3 females, none of which are really affectionate towards me. Is there a certain species that is more affectionate?
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Here is what the good book says:

"You have probably read that male kittens grow up to be aloof and unfriendly with some nasty personal habits, and girls grow up to be more affecionate. That can certainly be the case if your cat has not been nuetered or spayed. But if you alter your kitten, especially if you take care of this before he blossoms into puberty, you will not be able to tell the difference."
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A lot of cats' behavior (including affection) depends on whether they're fixed or not. I have 2 females and 1 male, and they're all really affectionate, but it also depends on their mood at the time, and their individual personality.
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Ive also been told that males tend to be more affectionate than females. I am personally a female animal type of person, so if this means less affection then so be it
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I think that a lot of it has to do with their individual personalties and with how they are brought up/handled when they are young. With my first two cats Midnight (female) was more outgoing and affectionate. Shadow (male) was always more aloof and carefree, only giving affection when he wanted to. He's become more affectionate since Midnight went over the Bridge.

The kittens, on the other hand, are very affectionate. Charlotte is constantly crawling into my arms to be held and pet where she purrs the entire time and falls asleep. Everest likes to lay on my chest when I lay down and rubs his face against mine and "kisses" my nose.

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I've always considered males to be slightly more friendly and even tempered than females - mine are big sofites - but agree it's hard to generalise as personality is much more important. There's not much difference between males and females when neutered.
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I have always thought male cats were friendlier but my current female has made a liar of me. She's a lovebug.
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Honestly, IMO I believe it all depends on the cat. I've had both male and female that have been extremely affectionate. I sometimes think it may also have something to do with how they were socialized as kittens. Bijou is really affectionate - his sister Tianna is known as velcro kitty and Mika is affectionate as well (also his sister) so I think it is how they were socialized by our breeder.
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I am with Yosemite on this - it all depends on the cat. Currently Dushka is my most affectionate, but I had her from 3 weeks old and she lets me do anything with ther, she trusts me completely. Napoleon was probably one of the most affectionate male cats I have ever had, his brother Wellington is not quite such a lapcat. Ellie will love on anyone who allows her to ick and groom. Persil is more aloof and will only love on her terms. So it is a mix of genders.
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I prefer male cats to females. I find females to be less independant than males, and more needy. Males are loving without going over the top. They give me "quiet" time.

While I love my two females they are very sweet, I am glad they have other cats here to play with!
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Originally Posted by Breal76 View Post
I prefer male cats to females. I find females to be less independant than males, and more needy. Males are loving without going over the top. They give me "quiet" time.
I'm the same way with choosing personalities, however both of my females are like your males, and There's only been one male like that (previous foster).

I don't like needy cats as much as independent ones who still enjoy human contact (plus you get more sleep with a self-entertainer than with a "pet me always!" cat, from my experiences).
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I agree with the othes, I think if varies from cat to cat.

I have three females and one male.
Two of the females have breathing problems and the Vet will not spay them.
The two upspayed females are Sisters...the smallest of the two is a little sweetheart, she loves to be held and petted her Sister is a different story she'll let you pet her for so long and then she hisses and takes off.

The spayed female is not affectionate at all towards me or my daughter, but she loves my Husband and Sons to death.
BUT, I think a lot of that has to do with her background she was a stray, actually I think she was dumped and I've always thought her pervious owner must have been a woman and must have mistreated her....all the girls are 6 years old.

The male is 18 months old and neutered.
He's a little sweetheart too, but he does have his moments where he doesn't want bothered.
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of my current crew, almost everyone, both males and females, are very affectionate, very demandingly so in fact. As much as a love my girls, I have a slight preference for boys not really sure why
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i have a male and my room mates both have females...and so did my old room mate...and from my experiences, females are more dominant and tend to mark their male cat may not be one to sit in my lap 24-7 like a female but he's definitely more affectionate than clingy...he's very adaptable and trainable...from my experiences with the three females, i wouldn't ever get a female...

my [15lb] little boy travels by plane and car without any problems or sedation, walks on a leash, bathes in the shower fine, and you can dress him in clothes. BUT i was sure to over-socialize him and made sure to expose him to all kinds of things as a kitten (got him at 5 mo.)...recently, i even took him outside on his leash when there was a fire down the street and eve the sirens and lights didn't phase him! but now i'm bragging about my boy, lol!
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Originally Posted by kovalchuk71 View Post
Which are more affectionate, males or females? I currently have 3 females, none of which are really affectionate towards me. Is there a certain species that is more affectionate?
My personal experiene has been that males are much more cuddly and relaxed. While females are more playful and less likely to lay around and cuddle with you.
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My vet always says males are more affectionate. I've had both and I would say they are about even.
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I've had two girls, three boys.. Overall the boys were more affectionate, but it depends and they have very different backgrounds.
Zakk- came to us at 6 months, was left in apt after evictions.. Affectionate at night, big time, mostly too hubby.
Rocky- shelter kitten, was sickly, extremely affectionate and needy.. Fond of giving urgent kisses at night..
Suzie- semi-feral, rescued as 12 week kitten, skittish, not affectionate with humans.
Cookie(male)- littermate to Suzie but way different- skittish, friendly but not overtly affectionate.
Tribbles (female) Found as a 4 month old stray. Will snuggle and purr at times if you hold her close to you if she is in the mood, but not overtly affectionate, friendly and fiesty.. She was more snuggly when she first got here and wasn't feeling well, now she is getting out all that kitten energy!!
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