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I used to use W.B. & the excessive dust is part of why I tried Cat Attrakt. My Jordan has very mild Asthma & I was worried about him. The C.A. still has dust, but in my experience it's a lot less than W.B.
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My cat has asthma and I find that the Nature's Miracle was the answer--no dust, mild smell, some tracking (but at least it stays in the bathroom) and it clumps like a charm.
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Originally Posted by MissintheSouth View Post
Does anyone else's cat track the actual pine pellets out of the box?

I have been using FP for about a month and have been happy with the odor control and with one cat we don't go through it all that fast. I have, however, noticed that it is not so easy to scoop after Carl's month of antibiotic. His stool is getting softer from the antibiotics and it is nasty to clean!

But, I find those little pellets all over my apartment! I end up Dust Busting everyday and I feel kind of embarrassed when we have people over and there is litter on the carpet...anyone else have that problem?
Well, my cat is a bit enthusiastic about digger and cleaning her paws when she uses the litter, so I get some pellets on the floor near the box. I just throw them back in the box or sweep them up. Way better than trying to clean up sand (I used Fresh Step before).

My litter box is in the laundry room though, so I don't really have to worry about being too embarrassed.
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I swear by Catsan (normal or clumping). Pippin used to be an outdoor kitty until August and hated his litter box (which sat at the door, unused for about a year) so when we moved and he became an indoor kitty, it was necessity that we found the right litter (as it was my partner was not best pleased I was going to keep him indoors!). We tried many brands, all of which I was happy with for tracking and lastability but odour control was terrible! Pippin also hated even getting in his box - you could see the disgust on his face every time he was busting for "ablutions". I then asked on here and the only brand that I could source (as I am in the UK and have very limited funds) was CATSAN. I LOVE it. It doesn't track right through my flat, it leaves no chemical smell nor does it leave the tell-tale smell of cat pee/poo, the absorbtion quality is brilliant and I only need to completely change it every 2 weeks or so! If it does start to "wiff" a bit I also keep a can of baking soda opened and sprinkle alittle bit onto the litter every so often.

The only problem I have now is trying to keep a little black kitty off a white bedspread - hoovering the bed everyday is getting alittle boring. We tried a black throw in the place he sleeps but then he changed his spot and lay somewhere else... I don't mind of course because he is the "king" of the house but it's the little black hairs sticking up my nose in the middle of the night that really get to me now! Hahaha!
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I use the chicken crumbles. It is great for price, smell, and clumping. I can't stand those scented dusty litters. I did use worlds best and swheat and liked them both, but they are waayy too expensive. I think my one cat is not crazy about the crumbles, and prefers the swheat, but as I said it is too costly. I don't see why the organic types are so expensive. I think these manufacturers are just like the gas companies. they just gouge the consumer as much as they can. supply and demand. I guess if they can get away with the price, why not? For now I will stick to the crumbles until I can find a natural litter that I don't think is ridiculously overpriced.

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