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Name for Siamese kitten's unique coloring?

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Hi everyone,

I know the futility of people asking "what breed is my cat?" when the cat doesn't have papers. However, I have a bit of a different situation, as I'm currently waiting for the registration papers but I can't remember exactly what my kitten's colouring would be called. I've posted a similar question in the past, but the politics of breeds and colours can really be complicated! It doesn't really matter as Maya is only "pet quality" but I am curious, and I can't ask the breeder right now because she's out of town.

I know that in the CFA, Maya would be an "Any Other Variety" Oriental Shorthair, but she's being registered in TICA as a Siamese. I also know that she is chocolate point and lynx point/tabby. However, right now she really only has a lot of colour on her tail and her ears. There are only some faint bits and pieces of colour on her face and along her spine, and only a couple of spots of colour on the bottom of her paws. Is there a specific name for this type of spotting/colouring? How much more should the colour darken, given that she is already 14 weeks old? A lot of people know what Siamese cats look like so some of seem to think I'm lying when I say that she is a Siamese (because of her lack of strong points, esp. on her face). Maybe I should just start calling her an Oriental Shorthair!?

I'll try posting a picture or two....Two of the pictures were taken when she was 6 weeks; the other was taken at 12 weeks with my other kitten (a definite Oriental Shorthair), Brady.

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I may be completely wrong (I'm an Aby breeder! Forgive me! ) but she looks more OSH than siamese and maybe a cream???
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The lack of point coloring is normal at her age. Siamese cats continue to get darker for many years.The point color will soon be noticable.The tail coloring does seem like she will be a chocolate point. The picture is showing a reddish color to me also. Maybe a flame point? I'm curious what are the parents. Siamese or OSH?
I have 4 Siamese now. One just turned 1 yr old and his body is just starting to darken.The other one is 1 1/2 and shes still getting darker. My older ones 6 and 9 still each year continue to get darker the body color.
Shes very cute Extreme wedge head for sure.
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Yes, her parents are both Oriental Shorthairs but in TICA, she is technically considered a Siamese. In CFA, she would be an AOV Oriental Shorthair (but she's being registered in TICA, not the CFA). So many politics to it all! I personally would feel more comfy calling her an OSH. There was one other pointed sibling in the bunch. I was thinking about it and the breeder might've mentioned something about bicolor or about something with white...I know the breeder specializes in bicolor OSHs...Here are some pictures of a couple of her siblings. I love their big ears! I know the look isn't for everyone, but I'm a huge fan of the extreme Asian cats....

Here's the other pointed girl from the litter:
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She could be a chocolate tortie point. That would partly explain why parts of her face are light, and paws. From the look of her tail she is definitely pointed, though. But her nose leather is partly one colour, partly another which means she's a tortie. Also she has no white on her so her being a pointed bicolour is ruled out.

What colours were her parents? Her mother {is that her mother in the 2nd photo?} is a tabby and that looks like stripes on her tail a little bit, so maybe a tortie lynx point?
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