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flea medicine for cats BEWARE

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I own a dog and a cat. I buy my flea and tick medicine from my vet. This past summer to cut costs on flea medicine, I gave some of the dog's medicine to the cat. Normally that is fine, just in smaller dosages. However, the flea medicine named ADVANTIX will kill your cat. It is fine for dogs, cats it's lethal. I had given a dosage of ADVANTIX in the morning to my cat, when I came home that night (fortunately she was still alive) she was seizing in the backyard. Her eyes were dialated and could barely walk as though she was drunk. Fortunately, I got her in time to the vet, $900 later, and the entire night at the medical animal hospital... she still lives with out any side effects.

ADVANTIX is not the only medicine that is harmful to cats. Some of the over the counter medicines can have adverse effects. ADVANTAGE and FRONTLINE are safe and are effective for fleas. The other challenge using ADVANTIX if you have dogs and cats in the same house, is the cat cleaning the dog. (maybe it isn't always a good idea for dogs and cats to be pals!)
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we heard that before because we do have dogs and cats and i dont think we ever used advantix we always used frontline i believe, and I am so glad that your kittie is doing ok now !!
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OMG I can't beleive that you almost lost your baby..thanks for the warning.
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Soothing headbuts and please stay well and don't be afraid licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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You should always use the correct dosage for the proper species. Just using less of the dog stuff does not work, it's a stronger formula. I hear horror stories about this sort of thing all the time. You should always read the health warnings on the packaging. It specifically says not to do that sort of thing. Glad to hear that your baby made it. Your lucky!
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I'm sorry that this happened, and glad that your cat is OK.

Advantix does state on their website that their product is not made for cats, and should not be used with cats.
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I use Revolution and use the feline dose that is prescribed by the vet. All of the over the counter flea treatments are very dangerous. You're fortunate not to have lost your cat, but take care not to use canine treatments on cats, whether or not they are over the counter.
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I am sorry that your kitty got sick... I tried to get the large dog version of flea control for my clan ... My vet wouldnt sell it to me and explained why
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Most dog over the counter flea products that I've seen have big warnings on them NOT to put them on cats, as it's toxic and can kill them. I won't even sell the dog one to a customer if there are cats in the HOUSEHOLD, especially if the dogs and cats play together. It's just not safe. I'm glad your baby lived!
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Yes, K9 Advantix is unsafe for use on cats or on dogs in households with cats. I think that's why they put "K9" in the name, but they really don't IMO make it clear or have enough of a warning about the danger to cats!
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I discussed with the vet about which dog flea treatments are safe for the cats over a year ago.
The old vet and the new vet are ok with Frontline and Advantage for dogs being used on cats because it's just a matter of a smaller dose, but I was told back then No Advantix on cats ever and the new vet won't sell me Revolution in the dog formula because of the doubled potency and difficulty to figure the correct dosage for cats.

I'm glad your kitty survived and is showing no side effects.
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