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Kahuna has had ENOUGH!

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This morning McBethie has been all over my mellow fellow Kahuna. Kahuna was lying in the middle of the kitchen floor and McBethie was hopping over him, tumbling into his belly, walking on him and boxing his ears! Gradually, Kahuna kept inching his way across the floor until he came to rest next to one of the cupboards. I figured he was trying to find a place safe from a McBethie scud missle attack. I left for a few minutes and came back and Kahuna was lying in the same place, with his paw firmly placed on the door of the cupboard and McBethie was no where in sight. I figured she was playing with her sister in the bedroom and didn't even think twice about it! (I should of noticed the smirk on Kahuna's face!)

As I was at the :censor::censor::censor::censor:, I heard this tinny meow that signifies a kitty is trapped somewhere. I looked around and called her and traced her meow to the very cupboard that Kahuna was still holding firmly with his paw! I scooted him out of the way and opened the cupboard door and McBethie leaps out, lands squarely on Kahuna's belly with a big OOF! Kahuna gets up and glares at me and scoots out of the room! LOL
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OMG that is too funny!!!! ROTFL!!! I wonder how he managed to get her in the cupboard in the first place? And they say cats only act on instinct - no thought process or logic at all...
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ROFL aren't they the best
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That McBethie sure sounds like a handful! Adorable, but a handful! Poor Kahuna!
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ROTFLLLLL! That's absolutely hilarious! How do they come up with these things?
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Kahuna is one smart kitty.
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Brenda, that's exactly what I was going to say!!!!:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
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When we first adopted our Jackson, we also took his sister from the owner, named Morgan. We were told they got along great. We found out they did not. Jackson likes catnip, but Morgan didn't, so she would lay on top of it, so Jackson could not get any. The small apartment we had was a bit tight on space. Jackson was smaller then, so he could squeeze past our hot water heater to get away from Morgan. Later on, Jackson learned how to open a cabinet door, so he would go inside, and Morgan never could figure how to open them.
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OMG!! Hissy, that is so funny!!! I can just picture it!!!! :LOL:
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ROFL hissy! Kahuna's intelligence is a credit to her human Mum.
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