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My Mum's Cat

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My Mum's cat died yesterday. He had been attacked nearly 2 weeks ago by we know not what. The vet found a wound, stiched and treated it. Unfortunately, he missed another wound.

Machiek had 2 stays at the vet. The second stay included an IV drip as, although he was drinking vast amounts of water, he was still dehydrated. He would eat nothing. On Sunday he was home - weak still but walking around, drinking and nibbling at his food. We called Mum from our weekend away and she said he seemed much better.

I called her once we'd landed back in London. She was distraught and in tears saying that her precious cat had died an hour before.

For the first time, he had eaten on his own, and had gone to the litter tray. However, on stepping out of the tray he toppled over onto his side and couldn't get up.

She picked him up and laid him on the sofa. She sat with him all afternoon, holding his paw and taling to him. He talked back, whimpering and mewing gently. He was never a 'cuddly' cat, but he laid his head on her hand and just gazed at her.

At about 5.30 in the afternoon, his breathing became laboured and he struggled for breath. He died soon after.

We came back, and Machiek was still on the sofa. HE looked like he was asleep. We all kissed him and said goodbye. Even my 6 foot 3, hard-man brother was in tears.

Machiek was buried in the garden this morning. We will each chose a plant special to us to remember him by, and my Mother will plant it above him.

I have emailed her the Rainbow Bridge story.

I needed to write this, for myself, for my Mother but most of all for Machiek, a cat who came into our lives from out of the blue, and left, taking a piece of our hearts with him.
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Yola. I am so very sorry about your mum's loss with her Machiek. He sounds like he was a wonderful baby!

I think his garden burial is a wonderful way to keep him close by.

May God heal your broken hearts.


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Yola, I'm so sorry about Machiek. At least he was with someone who loved him in his last moments. Send my sincerest condolences to your Mum, and everyone in your family, and especially to you. Machiek was obviously a very special cat to have touched your whole family so much...
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Yola, It's very hard to lose a pet, even harder when you're not sure what caused the wounds. What a wonderful tradition to start, to put a special plant where Machiek is buried. He was a member of your family, and you will always remember him with love. I'm glad he showed your Mum how much he loved her before he died; I'm sure that meant a lot to her. God bless you all and leave you with happy memories of one of His special little creatures.
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Yola, Im so sorry to hear Machiek I can really feel the pain you and your family must be feeling right now. Talking and writing about it helps. Time will heal. Big hugs to you.

Neesey xx

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So sorry about your mum's loss.
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