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this poem arrived in my inbox last night. my brother sent it as a way to send his love, and joy of spring in the air; flowers blooming, life feeling more vibrant, colourful, rich, beautiful. i want to share, and also, ask all of you to share your favourite poems. i dont know who this poem is written by, though it's on the tip of my conciousness.

Thy fingers make early flowers of
all things.
thy hair mostly the hours love:
a smothness which
sings, saying
(though love be a day)

do not fear, we will go amaying.

thy whitest feet crisply are straying.
thy moist eyes at kisses are playing,
whose strangeness much
says; singing
(though love be a day)
for which girl art thou flowers bringing?

To be thy lips is a sweet thing
and small.
Death, Thee i call rich beyond wishing
if this thou catch,
else missing.

(though love be a day
and life be nothing, it shall not stop kissing).

poetry like this brings tears to my face, inspiration to my heart.
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What a beautiful poem!! And how sweet of your brother to send it to you!
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it's Spring, come share your favourite poems with me
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Dear Blue,

That was so glorious to read...it's the feeling I get when I take a deep breath and blow it slowly out of my mouth.
I'm sure you've written some beautiful poetry...I would love to read it...

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"somewhere i have never traveled,gladly beyond
any experience,your eyes have their silence:
in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,
or which i cannot touch because they are too near
your slightest look easily will unclose me
though i have closed myself as fingers,
you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens
(touching skillfully,mysteriously)her first rose
or if your wish be to close me,i and
my life will shut very beautifully,suddenly,
as when the heart of this flower imagines
the snow carefully everywhere descending;
nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals
the power of your intense fragility:whose texture
compels me with this colour of its countries,
rendering death and forever with each breathing
(i do not know what it is about you that closes
and opens; only something in me understands
the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses)
nobody,not even the rain,has such small hands"

-e.e. cummings-

i know i have posted this poem before in another thread
somewhere, but, it is my favourite poem, and i think
everyone should have the chance to read it.
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Blue; Thankyou for reminding me (all of us) how truly insightful E. E. Cummings can be. That is one of my favorites also. Another favorite poem that most recognize as a song lyric is "The Rose". It has special meaning for me as I spent my whole career doing something I truly love (designing flowers). No two are ever the same and no day, no matter how busy, was ever boring. Just like love, or the people we choose to love, they may be complicated and not understood at the time, but thank God we took the time to love them. Even if we loose a particular lover we will love again.
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what a beautiful poem blue! thanks for sharing
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here is a song i have to share, i am just hearing it for
the first time, and i am in tears, if you have Napster or
Audiogalaxy or something like that, you should download this

School Night

she went over to his apartment
clutching her decision
and he said, did you come here to tell me goodbye?
so she built a skyscraper of procrastination
and then she leaned out the twenty-fifth floor window
of her reply
and she felt like an actress
just reading her lines
when she finally said
yes. it's really goodbye this time
and far below was the blacktop
and the tiny toy cars
and it all fell so fast
and it all fell so far

and she said:
you are a miracle but that is not all
you are also a stiff drink and i am on call
you are a party and i am a school night
and i'm lookin' for my door key
but you are my porch light

and you'll never know, dear
just how much i loved you
you'll probably think this was
just my big excuse
but i stand committed
to a love that came before you
and the fact that i adore you
is but one of my truths

what of the mother
whose house is in flames
and both of her children
are in their beds crying
and she loves them both
with the whole of her heart
but she knows she can only
carry one at a time?
she's choking on the smoke
of unthinkable choices
she is haunted by the voices
of so many desires

she's bent over from the business
of begging forgiveness
while frantically running around
putting out fires

but then what kind of scale
compares the weight of two beauties
the gravity of duties
or the ground speed of joy?
tell me what kind of gauge
can quantify elation?
what kind of equation
could i possibly employ?
and you'll never know, dear
just how much i loved you
you probably think this was
just my big excuse
but i stand committed
to a love that came before you
and the fact that i adore you
is just one of my truths

so i
i'm goin' home
to please the one i so love pleasing
and i don't expect
he'll have much sympathy for my grieving
but i guess that this is the price
that we pay for the privilege
of living for even a day
in a world with so many things
worth believing

-ani difranco-

[Edited by blue on 05-06-2001 at 08:03 PM]
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OK,complete change of pace here..this is a wee poem I always remembered from the days on gram's farm when the spring brooks beckoned while chores were to be done.
Curses on ye little man
Sneaking off with pole and can
Thou'll get dusted pantaloons
That'll change thy whistled tunes!!!

You ladies have got to stop all this sighing over the perfect love and the perfect man...I told you,I'm spoken for!!!! :walk
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Dear Kittyfoot,

Now that was some kinda poetry! LOL I do miss the old poetry...it's rhythm...ya know? Thanks. By the way...you're not gonna get to far walkin' like that...
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I just wasn't finished walkin yet!!!!!
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You're tooooooo cute!!!! LOL
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This is not a poem, but a story. So I have included the url so you can read it as it is too long to post. It is the most wonderful story.


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Dear Spike,

I've been so emotional lately...I can't remember when I truly read something so beautiful...oh dear.
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I came across this verse and wanted to share with everyone..
"If having a soul means being able to
feel love and loyalty and gratitude,
than animals are better off than a lot of humans...James Herriot
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it appears this 'forum' is a place that one can share poetry, and so, if i may? i would wish to give to you this..

my gift

come walk with me, where the green grass grows
down this hidden path, that none but me knows

share with me the quiet, the breezes so light
the moonlight upon the ground, shining so bright

and look at this lake, so gentle and clear
and over there drinking, are three beautiful deer

the whisper and rustle of creatures moving 'round
is not eerie 'silence'.. is just peaceful 'sound'..

and breathe in the scent, of wildflowers so sweet
the rich earthy aroma, from under your feet..

a place of such beauty, so calm and serene
where one can rest easy, you'll see what i mean..

away from it all, daily life, noise and stress
i come here most often, of that i confess

it doesn't exist, except in my mind
gives me such peace, helps me unwind

a place i've created.. a secret i've kept
i've added some 'details', at night when i've slept

not just in my head, but it lives in my heart
i wish to share this with you, to give you a part..

this is my 'gift' to you.. no paper or bow..
but i hope that you'll like it.. because you will know..

that it comes from my heart.. is a true part of me..
and because you are you?.. i know you will see.....

gata... 12/23/99
copyright (c) 2000 wordsmythe expressions
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that was beautiful!
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Thank you for taking me on that blissful jouney with you. Welcome to the site...I'm very happy you've joined us and do hope you'll stay You're poetry is beautiful, please post another
Take Care Love &
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That was, indeed, beautiful. If I may be so bold as to site something you told me: Your pen seems to dance across the paper. You are such a gifted and talented writer. Post more if you would like to share. I, for one, would love to have the honor of reading such eloquent beauty.
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thank you so very much for your most positive comments on that poem of mine.. i must admit, i am most hesitant to share my writings publicly, although i have been encouraged to do so.. your responses gave me 'support' and hope that, maybe i do write well...

i am submitting another to you now...... if i may please?
(ah.. undecided.. whether to share with you the 'winter'.. or.. 'morning......')....


the sun is shining brightly
the skies are blue and clear
but the frost upon the windows
tells us that winter's here

the trees are bare of leaves
the grass is dead and brown
and there's a 'sign of winter'
in the snow that's falling down

the robins all have flown away
but snowbirds do abound
the sparrows and the redbirds
eat the seeds i've sprinkled 'round

the bunnies' fur is thick and plush
as they revel in the snow
they frolic and they play about
as they scamper to and fro

the stag so proud and the gentle doe
can oftentimes be seen
while foraging about for food
where the grass was once sweet green

it seems with winter all is 'dead'..
but if you look around
you'll see that 'nature' still exists
that 'creatures' still abound

so even though the grass and trees..
are taking a short rest
there's 'life' around enough for us
to know that we are bless'd

and so we 'watch'.. enjoy these days
with 'nature' oh so near
and know with every minute passed
that spring will soon be here

'gata'... 01/05/00

copyright (c) 2000 wordsmythe expressions
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This is a poem I wrote a few years ago:

The wind is cold
My cat is warm
He is asleep
Upon my arm
My shoulder aches
My hand is numb
Letting him sleep
Is pretty dumb
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Gata, you are definantly in touch with your love of nature and it shows. Just wonderful. By all means, please, share more. I too am self concious of my writing, but it helps to hear if it's liked or not.

Alex, that was just cute. Funny. I smiled reading it. MORE. MORE. MORE.
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Dear Gata...

Thank you once again for such a vivid journey! Please post more soon

Alex..that was so cute! You should post that under the thread "You know you're a true cat lover when"...

Love &
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These three short poems were inspired by Napoleon.

I don't mind if he sheds on my sweater.
Cat hair always makes poetry better.

2 (a haiku)
My cat contemplates
the tiny mote that contains
a vast universe.

I bought you balls,
fur mice, and treats;
instead you played
with the receipts.
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Poetry is an emotional emetic
written by a hopeless heretic
and called unaesthetic
by a bitter ascetic.
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Your eyes
are not
the only
eyes that
see me.
I look
at myself
with my
own eyes,
and I
know that
what you
see is
not the
real me.
You see
what you
want to,
what you
need to,
not the
soul who
looks back
at you.
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I watch you slink
so self-important
as I think thoughts
both vile and mordant
your world is small
your cares are few
my dearest wish
is to be like you
as my thoughts darken
again and again
you are my only
light, my friend
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You were the best
You were the brightest
When I compose
I oughta writest
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ALEXNELL: I Love your poetry!!!!

It makes me feel allWarm & FUZZY inside (kinda' like a Good Hairball or an Illusive Dust Bunny. . . . . .

P.S. How is Nell feeling? Babies soon????? Rub her big tummy for me. . . . . . can't wit to hea the good news about the little :angel2: TLK
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Dear Alex!!!
Your poems are so cool! Please post more ...will you please join us today everyone please in pray for Michele...see the thread My Baby is Missing.. thanks!

Love &
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