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Do boy cat's personalities change after being neutered ?

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We have a 5 and a half month old boy kitten whom we had always planned to be neutered, but now i have grown so attached to him i would like to know if the operation would affect his personality ? He's very lively, playful and boisterous and i dont want this to change. Can anyone offer any advice or experience ? Thanks. Meoww. Purrr.
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I did not notice a thing in mine, but I had mine done very early (3 months). He is now 7 months and now lets us sleep at night but nothing happened dramatically right away, probably because of his age?
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I've not noticed any change in mine following neutering. If anything they just become more affectionate.

You really do need to have him neutered. You don't say whether he is an indoor or an outdoor cat but if he goes out he obviously needs to be neutered otherwise he'll be making a substantial contribution to the local cat population, and if he stays indoors he'll likely be spraying everywhere and trying to escape at every opportunity.
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At his age you aren't going to notice any change in his personality when he's neutered. Neutering will stop personality and behavior changes from happening that will be negative as far as his being a good companion in your house. He will probably start spraying, getting outside and staying gone for long periods of time, and he will become more territorial.
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My 4 six month old males were neutered and they have not changed. Still, playful, and maybe more affectionate (but it's probably because I babied them a lot after the operation).
I have also 3 other adults (former strays) that were fixed as adults. The spraying stopped (although not immediately) but the other things like fighting and strong territorial instincts are still there. I've been told that once toms experienced victory in a "macho" showdown, it becomes part of their personality. Ashley and Wawa sure prove it.
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
Still, playful, and maybe more affectionate (but it's probably because I babied them a lot after the operation).

LOL! Me too!

My Duke is six months old right now. We just got him neutered a little over a week ago. He's just as rambunctious as ever! I've noticed no change. I recall reading somewhere that cats that are altered before they reach sexual maturity stay kitten-like much longer than an intact cat would.

I definitely recomend neutering. I had a dog when I was younger that was not neutered and we had a really hard time with him. He was very territorial of me (to the extent that he would threaten anyone who even jokingly tried to get aggressive with me). Also, he tried to escape every chance he got and often enough he was successful. He was even hit by a car once! He survived it, but it was terrifying! Oh, and this was a huge german shepherd dog who was mostly capable of taking care of himself, so imagine what could happen to your little kitty! You owe it to your baby to spare him that kind of thing.

OT - what kind of cat is he? Whats his name? Any other kitties??? Good luck!!!

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Thanks for all of the replies. Its a relief to hear everyones kitty didnt change negatively after the op. We feel more confident about having him done and are going to book him in asap. Sezer is a black and white putty tat, he's our first and only cat. Thanks again, if anyone else has other experiences, please post them.
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I recently fostered two male kittens and had them both neutered during their stay. They were about 3-months-old at the time. Neutering didn't change their behavior at all. They were as crazy, playful and rambunctious as ever afterward. My own male cat, Peter, was neutered at 4 months and I adopted him several months later. He's 2-years-old now and still crazy!
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Ferris was just neutered a month ago at 5 months old, and while his basic personality itself has not changed, his aggression level has changed, and for the better.

He, a feral rescue, used to play with a very wild look in his eye, now he plays in much the same way, but you can tell that he is definitely more playful, without that "I mean BUSINESS!" look in his eyes.

He used to be much more nippy, and in the last month, the only nip I received from him was a love bite on my knuckles so that I would keep petting him.

He's still a sweetie, but is even MORE so, now. And for him the transformation took place the same day as his neuter - he came home a nicer kitty to be around!

Now, if there was any way to keep him from getting into trouble when I'm at work, well, I'd like to know about it!
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No, but cats do change over time and settle down a bit.. I will also tell you that I swear my female got even more rambuxious after her spay 10 days ago!!
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No. His personality will change if he isn't neutered, though - he'll start spraying all over and he'll want to be outside all the time and then he'll get in fights and worse. Neutering will keep his sweet kitten personality intact. He'll naturally become less playful as he grows to adulthood but he'll still have the same basic temperament.
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We had our 1 year old male neutered yesterday. He came from the shelter, so he was neutered "late" compared to many others. Prior to this, he was very friendly, but he also walked around meowing a lot. I think he wanted to get out and find a girl cat. So far, the meowing has stopped, and he doesn't seem to want to get outside. He is still very loving, if not more. When we first got him home, we was nutso, playing with all of his toys (some that he ignored before), but today he seems back to his old self, without the wanting to get outside part. I have also heard the pee will eventually be much less strong smelling, which is a good thing.
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Radar didn't change at all when we had him neutered at 6 months old. He's now 11 months old and still very lively and playful.

I think you're more likely to see behavioural changes if you don't get them neutered - trying to get out to find a mate, increased play-aggression, frustrated pacing and yowling because they want to mate, and worst of all territorial marking - not just spraying, but peeing and pooing in inappropriate places to spread their scent around their territory
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Sure does change them - for the better. They remain more loving and no thoughts on "finding that pretty girl down the street".

I've also heard if neutered young (under 6 months) they retain the kitten mentality longer.
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I got my boy Palas neutered between 4 and 5 mos. He is now 7 mos and I have not noticed any change at all in him. He was and is always very well behaved and receptive to what I'm saying (probably more my voice inflections) or doing. That hasn't changed at all. He still comes and sits on my face when I wake up in the morning if I sleep in the livingroom with them (they aren't allowed in my bedroom).
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Not only did neither of my boys change (one was about 4 months and the other was a young adult who was a stray that I found) you couldn't even tell they'd had surgery. They were their normal selves right away. Go for the neutering. You don't know a nasty smell until a cat sprays.
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Fred was my first cat, and he was neutered at around 5 years old. (I didn't know the importance of neutering back then) He was still my same sweet, adorable baby that he always was.
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The only thing neutering changes in male cats is this:
it makes them less h0rny (no more dry humping your bunny slippers or your girlcats) and it also makes them less "stalkerish".

All 5 of my male cats, ranging in age from 2 yrs up to 16 years, are neutered! And I can't say I noticed any negative result from neutering them. They didn't hiss or ignore me or act like I was some savage for removing their manparts! I was only helping them, after all.

They do still get 'feelings', I think, because the boycats still do stalk the other cats, get cases of "the crazies" where they run around the house all wild-eyed and primal... and well in Snicker's wild youth (post-neutering) he used to try to get it on with Dusty, his younger sister. But he was gentler and of course unsuccessful; and she tolerated it.

He stopped doing that a few years back though. Old age and arthritis caught up and he doesn't want to get his groove on.

But yeah, neutering is BY FAR way better than leaving them intact. If ya give the Bob Barker treatment, then there is no threat of adding to the unwanted pet population.
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I haven't noticed any change in either my male or female cats since they got fixed. They're 3 years old now, and we got them fixed when they were about 6 months old.

They're still friendly and act as they always have, though Sven (the boy) is a bit lazier than he used to be... but that might just be because he's moving out of kitten years.
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My 4 month old kitten is not as playful after neutering. I wish I never would of had him neutered. He use to play non stop and was so much fun to walk and now he plays very little. How sad this is to me.

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My male kittens and cats who have been neutered have not changed  their behavior.    ( except one who had been neutered just before i adopted him and he was 2 years old,   but his behavior change was positive!) 


  I just spoke to a lady who has two 5 month old kittens from me who were neutered recently and they are playing as crazily as ever, and  just as affectionate as ever.     That is very typical.


My Chatri was playing like a little maniac the night he was neutered,  and now at 2.5 years old,  he is still just the same as he ever was.  ( I mean really the same. He acts like a goofy kitten!    and just as extremely affectionate as he ever was.  but like GingersMom said,  he had started getting a little nippy before being neutered--  more aggressive  and neutering toned that down,  but not his playfulness.  )    

Sammy was neutered when I got him but it is hard to imagine him any more playful and loving than he is.


I really think when there seems to be some strong personality change , it is likely due to something else.     Sometimes it is just a matter of the kitten maturing.  Mine are Siamese which are known for usually staying very active.   But many cats do get quite a bit more sedate as  they grow up.      ( I don't know what it is for juliekorhorn01's kitten.    4 months is too young or it to be a matter of him getting all grown up and calm .    I don't suppose he was also declawed at the time he was neutered?  because that would explain it.      Otherwise I would try to look for other causes,   because I really think neutering does not usually have such an effect on a 4 month old kitten. )


In a cat neutered after puberty,  there can be some changes over a few months after being neutered  --  most who were spraying will stop spraying,   and they generally become less aggressive and of course usually less highly sexual and driven to seek out mates.


(But I have had 2 neutered male cats who were still interested in sex and still able to mate if a female in heat was right there, they just could not sire kittens.  One was the 2 year old;  another was neutered as an older kitten , at almost 8 months.  the 2 yr old also had a stuffed animal "girlfriend"  and he kept up a torrid relationship until he was about 9.  )


The one thing that is different is that as an adult  ( or even maybe from around 8 -9 months)  they need fewer calories than a cat who is not altered.     But sometimes people get an adolescent or young adult cat  altered,  continue feeding as much as they were and don't take into consideration that  1. the cat  needs less than when he/ she was growing fast  and 2.   the cat needs less than an adult who is not neutered. 

It is not neutering that makes a cat fat,  it 's overfeeding,  or feeding an inappropriate diet  ( like too high in carbs). 

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I think his personality will change as he gets older. The only thing I noticed was that he stopped spraying.
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I just got my boy kitten neutered today he hasn't showed any changes but it's hasn't been even a day yet so i'll reply back if he changes. Also I read somewhere that when a dog or cat gets spayed or neutered they become more affectionate.

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My boy cats did

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