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Not me...I'm not that brave to face the madness of black friday. Well, that, and I hate shopping.

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Nope. I never have any money.
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Not me I'll be working working working.
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No way. I never find that I save that much money to make it worth the crowds and long lines at the checkouts.
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My aunt and Mom are trying to get me to go, but the year I stood in line at Wal-mart for an hour in the freezing rain, then almost lost my place in the mini-van cause we bought so much kinda did me in, plus its one of my few days off work, so I want to sleep in!!!
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Nope, not a chance. I can't handle the crowds and I'm basically not a shopper. For those who are going to brave it, have fun!
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If they had it here, I would so be there
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NOPE!!! I am not that brave.I did it one year and will not do it again.
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I live in an apartment directly across the street from the mall. How could I not go? I don't even need to find a parking spot I can just walk.
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Originally Posted by Februa View Post
If they had it here, I would so be there
DUDE! West Ed on a day like that? I'd be so hiding under my bed!
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Originally Posted by ClaireBear View Post
I live in an apartment directly across the street from the mall. How could I not go? I don't even need to find a parking spot I can just walk.
Lucky girl!! That is okay! That is why you only put 2 to a car and take out all child carriers and car seats and everything in the trunk!
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I am not going out at all on the Friday after Thanksgiving..honestly with all the traffic and crowds saving a few bucks here and there isn't worth it...I am off on Monday so I will be going shopping then and there will be less people out there.
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Not in a rat's hat, dumbo! (Forgot where I picked up that expression...) I can probably count on one hand the times I've gone out on Black Friday, but in each case someone else was driving.

I won't be out for the day after Christmas sales either.
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That's hubbys b-day so I guess we will see what we are doing that day. Hopefully he decided that sleeping in is a good b-day present. I get nervous around crowds and if I lost him in one, I'd panick. So I guess we'll see.
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If I go it will be strictly for entertainment purposes - but not to shop! Not after my past experiences...A few years back (my first black friday experience) I rolled out of bed 4:30am, no bra, no undies, only sweats, no makeup, no contact lenses (glasses), just threw my hair up in a ponytail (didn't even brush my teeth ). "Who's gonna be there I thought". Boy was I surprised!! Not only at the crowds of people, but at the local TV network vans!!! I was horrified!!! After getting pushed around by the crowd like a bunch of cows being herded, I got into the store and cut through the womens department only to get side swiped by a crazy lady with a shopping cart! I had the biggest bruise on my hip forever. All that for a bike that was on sale!
So now - if I ever find myself up at that hour - I go - but only to watch the people. Seriously. It can be quite entertaining watching the human race turn into a bunch of animals . Only problem is I can't get anyone to go with me at that hour.
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Never heard of Black Friday before! It sounds like our Boxing Day sales - which are FANTASTIC!
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you know, after reading this i am really shocked at the number of ladies here, who said no way.

PS: could you please talk to my wife and explain to her its better to stay home that day. .all she hears is cheaper shopping (of course itta think shopping a pro sport)
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OMG- you people are nuts, I have been to the January sales on Oxford St in London and the crush is unbelievable. I'm not big into consumerism so I imagine Epona and I will stay at home this year sewing patches into our jeans
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I guess around here is a little more relaxed. There isn't a lot of pushing and shoving and all of that. Although last year some was run over by a car n the target parking lot. The earlier you get there the better. A lot of people are not willing to get up that early for a sale. THe latere you wait the more crowded it gets!
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