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Okay family dilema

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Okay my aunt from my mom's side is having a big thanksgiven there and she wants my sister and my dad and me there. And the trouble is she used to be married to my dad's brother and she doesn't want him there and my sister said she won't go if he's not there. And so now they are both pulling for me to go in my aunts case and in my sisters to not go if my uncle isn't there. We plan on having a small thanksgiven lunch here but then having supper there. And I just don't know what to do. I haven't seen any of my extended family in a long time and I miss them. When my mom left they helped my dad raise me. I understand my aunt not wanting her ex-husband there cause I wouldn't want my exhusband there and now what I can't understand is why my sister can't understand this.
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Don't let your family use you or make you choose sides. I say, if you really do miss that side of you family then go. You can always make a special time to see your uncle away from your aunt.
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I think you should go. Try and talk your sister round, but if you can't convince her then go anyway as that side of the family obviously means alot to you.\t
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I would go if I wanted to, everyone else can make there own choices, why should you not go if you don't have the problem.
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