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vet visit nerves

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Ok, I need to be told I'm not weird.
As some of you may know, my sister and I recently hand raised some orphaned kittens. It all worked out very well, they all lived and things are going smoothly. They're almost 2 months old now (wow! time flies!).
The kittens came at a time when I had started looking for a companion for my chester for when we move. I decided that fate had stepped in and have officially adopted Dynah-Bear into our family.
In the last week I've been waiting for her to get old enough to get her first shots. I've also decided that because she was a stray I should get her FIV tested. Thing is that I'm getting more anxious by the day. I remember going in 2 years ago with chester and the test was difficult to wait for, but we got through it. Then, last Febuary Chester was suddenly diagnosed with an advanced heart murmur and I have to get him ultrasounds and give him pills. I'm so scared that Dynah is going to go in and I'm going to be told that she has some rediculously expensive illness as well. I know that it's just because of what I've been through with chester, but man I hate these first apointments.
Now, she's been in before, with her siblings. The SPCA had us bring her in to be wormed and checked up on. The vet didn't say anything about any murmurs at the time about any of them. I suppose I should take that as the most positive sign. *sigh*
I've made the appointment for tomorrow. I can't wait on this any longer.

Please, I'm not loosing it am I? Am I a cat lady in the making, obsessing about cats this way???
Send me good, sane vibes please.
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You just love your little guys is all. It can be nerve-wracking. I know that anxiety. I took all three in for a checkup last time and came home with one.

I'm sending you sane, good luck vibes. Take deep breaths and know that we are with you in spirit.
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You sound just like me. I panic over things like this. When we first took Radar to the vet for his initial check-up and vaccinations I was worrying that we would be told he had heart problems, or was horribly ill. When he went in for neutering and hernia operation I spent a week beforehand having panic attacks and bursting into tears, imagining the vet telling me something went wrong. I spent the day he was having the op crying, and cried buckets more when we called the vet and were told the surgery went fine and he was recovering well.

I tend towards anxiety, but it is understandable that you worry about your kids, furry or otherwise.

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Jess, you are not crazy and you have every right to be worried. But you will be fine, and your kittys should be fine!!! It's always hard to think about the possibility of one of your animals being or getting sick. Kitters and I are sending you huge "healthy check-up" and "staying sane" vibes!!!
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Hey, we're mostly cat-ladies here.

Good vibes that all goes well. My vet assures me that even she gets nervous when she has to bring her cat in.
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I explained last night as I was getting ready for bed to Dynah that I was feeling anxious about her because she had to go into the vet. Then I laid down and said "so if you're ok, give me a sign, ok?" and she laid down on my chest, squirmed around, purred her head off and kept on shoving her head up my nose (it's a strange sign of affection that she does)...so I keep on telling myself she's ok.

On the plus side chesters being a real suck today, don't know what's gotten into him, but I'm lovin it.
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So we're back!
I never thought I'd cry tears of happiness and relief, but I sure did...after I left the vets, of course.
She says that since my sister and I raised Dynah and her siblings from the age of 1 week, there isn't really any chance of them getting FIV, FIP or Feline Lukemia except from the mom. She also said that Dynah is too young to have a reliable test and I could have her DNA tested, but it'd be double the price of the inhouse cost. Thirdly she said that even if they did have something, since they've already been playing with Chester, it sort of wouldn't make a difference. In conclusion, she alluded (although didn't say because it'd be more money) that the testing could be done if I felt really unsure about it, but wasn't really necessary.
Biggest relief: Dynah's heart is OK!!!!! *sigh* What with chesters heart murmur this year I was really worried that she would have one too (I know it doesn't make sense, but neither does crying over a good vet visit).
So, she's had her 3rd worming, her 1st shots and an official first exam. I've offically adopted her.
So happy.
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That is really great news Jess.
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