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Tuesday DT

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Well, I'm gonna start this early today, since I am leaving work in a few mins. I don't feel good at all, so I am going home to sleep. I hope that I am not catching what my twin sister has-severe Bronchitis. She has been sick for the past week. I went over to my parent's house this weekend, which was probably a mistake. Have a good one everyone. :daisy:
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Today is my Mommy's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Mom - I love you very much

shhhhh... she is a young 54 yrs old today!

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Sarah, I hope it's not Bronchitis! That is nasty stuff. Get good rest, drink lots of fluids, etc., etc. (Don't I sounds like your Mom?)

Happy Birthday to Lezza's Mommy!

I am not in the mood to work today. Which would explain why I have spent the better part of the 2 hours I have been at work on this site. It's grey and dreary, and pretty much my favorite kind of weather. I know, I should live in Seattle! I really want to be at home, snuggled up with a kitty or two, a book, or maybe some cross stitch. *sigh*

Hope everyone has a good day!
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It's sunny........ and warm!
I am feeling good inside today! Have puttered around the house some and am planning on spending the afternoon sitting in the sun and reading a book! (ok - and hanging out laundry too)
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I am having a rough day. Not only are my callers idiots today, but they won't give me a break! How dare the call me while I am trying to look at the cat site! LOL!

My hubby told me that he wants to quit his job. He is under alot of stress at work and the are being very nasty and unfair to him. I told him he can't quit! We can't survive on my wages alone! I told him to take an extended sick leave (he has 130 sick days banked) but he says that he will be mocked when he goes back to worked by his co-workers for taking "stress leave". I told take the time anyway and look for another job while he is off. He has the added pressure of thinking his mom may have cancer again. She has been in remission for 14 years but there looks to be a spot on her 1 remaining lung. I hope it is just the pnemonia they say she has. He is so depressed.

Sorry for venting, but I really can't talk to him about it as he gets angry and he gets angry if I share our private business with my family!
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A - I do hope that your MIL only has pneumonia! Hubby sounds like he is under a lot of stress. A leave of absence would be great for him. I hope all works out well for your family!
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The weather is perfect in PA today. I'm in the mood to do something creative, but I'm not sure what. I have hundreds of pictures and should be doing some scrapbooking, but I don't have much experience doing that. I do have some nice materials, though. I think I might try a landscape with acrylics. I'm used to oil paints, and find acrylics difficult, but I have to make the switch for health reasons. Oh, Adrienne, I finally realized I had to add 6 new words in your story thread. I hate to see something worthwhile stall. It's best to add something new every day. We should help each other when stalled! Have a great evening, everyone!
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wonderful day here. Sunny and warm. the perfect last day of vacation. My mother leaves tomorrow. I won't be there to see her off and I told her to call me when she gets home so I know she's ok. I am officially not ready to go back to work since I am still angry at the way I was treated when I asked about the goof in the schedule.
Oh well, work bites and there isn't anything you can do about it just makes me want to get a different job all the more.
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Hi all you kittie lovers

I am sitting here, its after work and decided to check out the site. My welcome committee of Ruby and Pesto were waiting for me as usual. Its always a welcome and wonderful feeling to see them waiting for me at the door when I come home.

Home...I am sitting here in a temporary apt waiting to close on a new bigger home. One place where the kids can run up and down the stairs and sit on the back porch that is screened in. (in-door kitties only) I am more excited about watching them have fun than I am about my new bigger bedroom. I feel sorry for them right now because they have this small place in which to roam. Boring!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their day

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SSDD. Its 104, work was awful. I was at the BAD store, today. I got my lunch, two hours late because we are so understaffed and an asst. manager was the break person. He hates to work the register so he screws around as long as he can get away with. The store manager is an ass and would have us work straight through, if the law didn't make him give us breaks and lunches.

I have a four-day weekend, though. Bill and I are going down to Tombstone, Saturday, to see my friend Katie and go to Rendezvous of the Gunfighters. It'll be good to see my old gunfighting compadres.
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Spooky, I hope you go to a doctor ASAP if you think you have bronchitis. There has been a lot of bronchitis going around where I live too, and some people say it's because it's been very humid here this summer.

I'm really looking forward to having four days off over the holiday weekend and to seeing my parents on Saturday!

Have a nice evening!
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It's almost time for bed here, but I am relaxing a little after meeting with a financial officer on refinancing my house. Seems like I just went through all this garbage yesterday, but since my mortgage is at 8%, it was time.

My new position at school is fantastic! Every day something unexpected happens, and the days fly by. It's so different from the routine of the classroom.

Had a minor kitten goof last night. I went out to watch a portion of the Monday Night Football game with a friend. When I left the house, I had to carry Squirt in from the screened porch, so I could lock up. Well......2 and a half hours later, I got home, and poor Joey had been locked out on the porch all that time! Don't ask me where he was hiding when I left, because I sure didn't see him. He was mighty glad to be let in!
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