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Bee-Bop is so pretty. I love their big long crests.
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Aw! Bee-bop is pretty. My older cats don't mind the birds, but Tobie is fascinated with the conures. We've had to let Odo and Tommy teach him a lesson a few times (letting the conures bite his foot)... we hope it sticks, but we don't take too many chances.
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Bee-bop is gorgeous! Wouldn't get a 'too myself, they are a lot more work than a Senegal! Beautiful birds though, if you have the time to dedicate to them

Radar is way too interested in Jasper and climbs all over his cage on the rare occasions when he gets into Jasper's room. Jasper does the whole parrot 'if I ignore you then you no longer exist' thing, but I'm not taking any chances
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I have 6 cockatiels. 5 boys and 1 girl. They are all rescues except for my little girl Coconut. She has her own cage.

Here is Coconut, she is only 7 months old. I've had her since the 4th of July

Drama: Soanna likes Coconut...Coconut doesnt like Soanna...Wesley likes no one except Buttercup. Luckily, Buttercup also likes Wesley. Dixie and Soanna have a love/hate relationship. Cochise hangs alone.

The picture is too big and i'm lazy right now.
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I used to have a bird named Chickalet but I couldn't keep him because he started crowing at 4 AM and woke up the whole neighborhood.
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Awww she is pretty. Love her name too.
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i have 1 zebra finch called Pip.
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What beautiful birds you all have! I especially love the cockatiels, I've had several birds through the years including four 'tiels, a dove, and a few budgies but when our first child was born I went into over-protective paranoid mother mode and we found new homes for the ones we still had. Thankfully, I don't suffer from that problem anymore. We now have chickens, which we just got two days ago! (See the post titled "chickens" for pictures.) Does that count?
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His name is BB (short for Blue Bird) and he is a blue mutation Pacific Parrotlet (think Amazon parrot shrunk down to parakeet size).

He is a bit independent and nippy, but he loves to snugggle under my hair and he knows "step-up". I've owned friendlier ones in the past,but I love him dearly no matter what he thinks of me.

A rather fat and disheveled looking me with BB and T.C the Guinea Pig. I work two jobs (substitute teacher and retail worker) and take care of all my critters without much help from hubby (although he feeds the kitties and does litterboxes on ocassion).

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BB is too cute! I hear that parrotlets are as much of a handful as a big parrot... minus the size of course.
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Catlover, BB is too cute! I love the little guys. I saw my first ones in a pet store a while back and almost brought one home. LOL I couldn't beleive how small they were.
And BTW you don't look fat. You are pretty and your guinea pig is a cutie.

Rina I would love to live on a farm so I could have chickens and ducks. I think they are so cute. Are your chickens tame?
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i might have to come and steal bb....*looks at spare cage*

I've always wanted a parrotlet but breeders are hard to come by here.
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Coconut wanted to say Merry Christmas.

(dont worry, she never got a taste. My daughter made that in school and this is as cooperative as she would get. She didn't want to have anything to do with anything else I had set up..grr!)

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Awww Merry Christmas cutie.
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