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I was at a friends house tonight and found out that they have fleas.
They live by a small forest and their dog contracted fleas brougth them inside to the cats and now they are all suffering from fleas. My friends tried everything. but they weren't successful. They used generic flea stuff( like advantage) but that didn't work.so now they have to give their pets these pills that will kill the fleas by making the blood and skin of the animals toxic and then spread this powder all over the house? but this isn't supposed to bother the cats or dog. we have 4 cats and wen we came home(we were only there for less then an hour) we both stripped off our clothes, hopped in the shower and washed the clothes. Do you think we should get some advantage and put it on our cats , just in case??? We haven't had fleas ever in this house and I really dont want them. Their cats is just a bunch of scabs from this and I feel so sorry for them. This is the only way they can get rid of them now. the vets told them this.
so what do you guys think? overreacting again??? or being careful??
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Advantage is not a "generic" flea treatment. Vets sell it. It is safe. It works, but only if the house is treated for fleas also. Fleas jump off pets and lay eggs in carpets, so if the carpet isn't taken care of, the newly hatched fleas just continue on. It is the Hartz over the counter treatments that don't work well and have caused toxic reactions in cats. Frontline is another safe and effective treatment, which vets also sell.

You can use a flea comb on your cats to check them for fleas and flea dirt (little black specks). Then vacuum the heck out of your carpets. I personally would want to avoid even the safer flea treatments if it really wasn't necessary, but it would be fine if you think you need to dose your cats with Frontline or Advantage.
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sorry if I goofed up. what I meant is that they used a generic form of flea killer. one like you get from the store. something from Walmart. Not Advantage. that is what I want to use on my cats if I should. sorry to goof. my bad.
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I got my kitties from the humane society and they came with flees. I tried the vet stuff...and they hated it. I read in a book that if you put brewers yeast in their wet food, it will kill the fleas. Wow, it worked. I didn't put too much in, but within a week...those darn things were gone. I cleaned their fur with the small comb and cleaned the house. The brewers yeast breaks the flea cycle...the only way to get rid of it.

You can buy this stuff in the health and vitamins section and costs only about $3.00 a jar. I have enough left over for a hole army of those things. I am truely blessed they never came back.

Pesto and Ruby's mom
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