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Do any of your cats chase their tails?

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It's the funniest thing. Charlotte will spin herself around in circles trying to catch her own tail.

Do any of your cats do this?

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Oh I bet that looks so funny if you get chance a photo would be great
None of mine chase their tails, but they sometimes chase each others tails
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One of my cats does. Patches is 3 1/2 now and he doesn't do it as often now but up until 6 or 7 monthes ago that was a daily game. These are my first cats and I didn't know cats would do that. I thought only dogs did it.
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Willow is about 8 years old, and she still does that on occasion. Sometimes she chases her tail, and sometimes she chases shadows, including her own tail-shadow!
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Jaffa does it. He goes round and round in circles and he often does it when he's sitting on a platform on his cat tree and has been known to fall off! I've never seen Mosi do it (other than general kitten swiping at the end of it if he catches sight of it) and my bridge babe Magpie never did it.
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Yes - of my 11 cats only Skinny does it regularly.
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I've only ever seen Abby do that once. I've never seen Chynna do it at all.
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Ari's second fave toy is his tail - it's 14 inches long. He really likes to perch over the back of the kitchen chairs and try to catch it.
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My yeller chases his tail and sometimes I have to stop him from hurting himself when he catches it. He has growled and attacked his tail pretty roughly sometimes.
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My Boomie does it all the time in the bathtub.
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Oscar is so funny chasing his tail. He doesn't know that it is part of him. He just spends hours and hours fighting with it. It is so funny. He is 4 months old
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My Annabelle chases her own tail, it's so funny she acts like she's never seen it before
Gracie and Lizzie chase each others tails and Kidd, well he's fasinated my Lizzie long bushy tail and TRIES to chase it...Lizzie swats him but still he comes back for more!
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Orion sometimes chases his own tail and his friend's as well, although that friend doesn't like that too much

Usually he starts chasing his own when he's lying around somewhere.. really funny
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^^ LOL thats what my cat does aswell.
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I think I have seen all of my cats do this . fuzzy does it like crazy sometimes. I think he did it everyday for a week one time.

One of my cats/my moms cats who is about 11 now used to chase her tail in the tub when I was a kid. This was hilarious . hehe. She isnt a tiny little kitty either. Id say she weighs about 8-10 pounds.
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Draco used to go into the bathtub to chase his tail, and that was the only place he would do it. Now he'll do it anywhere, and my other 2 will do it occasionally also.
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LOL...this is too funny. I always thought it was behavior reserved for dogs. I'll get a video or some pics if I can but I never have the digi cam ready when she does it.

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Oh yes, Trout does for hours She even hisses at it..
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Doesn't happen a lot, but sometimes Antigone will attack her tail like its trying to kill her and she wants to get it first she has a very long tail too
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Pete does. He gets a big kick out of his tail. He also chases Claire's, which she doesn't appreciate.
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My 11 year old cat Tegato chases his tail still occassionally. It is hillarious to watch. Fortunately he does not growl or play rough with it. He will use chase it for a short time and eventually hit lays down and starts cleaning his tail.
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We never have the camera ready, but PJ is a major tail chaser. She pirouettes and spins around, getting lots of air under her. It's absolutely fascinating to watch her to do, and it's all we can do to keep from laughing like crazy and making her self-conscious. She's especially fond of chasing her tail when she's up against something - a wall, a table leg, or even when she's sitting in a box!

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Ginger used to chase her own tail - what a racket she'd make: A THUMPeta, THUMPeta, THUMPeta! For some reason, she'd usually do it in the kitchen while waiting for me to make her bowl of wet food up.

Now she spends her time stalking and chasing Ferris instead.
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Gizmo will play bed mice with her own tail if my hand isn't up to it.
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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post
It's the funniest thing. Charlotte will spin herself around in circles trying to catch her own tail.

Do any of your cats do this?

That is precisely how Persi fell into the full of water bathtub, being silly on the edge of the tub, chasing his tail. I told him only dogs did such things but it had no effect on him.
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Yes, Palekana still chases her tail and she is 8 years old. Every once in a while she'll look at her tail as though she had never seen it before and start chasing it crazily. Eventually she calms down and starts licking it. Silly girl. None of my other cats do this. They outgrew it long ago.
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Pudge is almost 3 years old and does it occasionally. Typhus doesn't really do it that I've noticed (she's 6 months old). At most she'll nibble on the end of it. but this isnt very often.
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nope but skye chases Remy's tail does that count?
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Zoey chases her tail alot ....lol... glad to see it is very common...
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