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Why did you choose a cat not another pet? - Page 2

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I got a cat because I got a bit tired of having to tend to a high maintenance dog. I wanted a creature that was very clean, and very loving.

I'd also been toying with the idea of getting another cat. My first cat was a beautiful Siamese Mix named Kitty, who was outdoor and sadly passed away. I missed the love she used to give me.
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First reason- they don't usually smell!! Why I didn't get a ferret
They don't go to the bathroom everywhere. (no birds for me)
If you let them alone in the house they won't take off (small rodents)
You don't have to let them out in freezing cold weather..

Also they are soft cuddly cute and are cool to watch with tons of unique purrsonalities.
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Well, I too have always been a cat owner and lover, from when I was a little kid. My piano teacher gave me my first kitten which she found by the railroad tracks, and he was with me up until about 4 years ago...I am now 28. Since then, I was "found" by my large white and red splotchy boy, Fergus, discovered my torti, Ripley, and acquired a farm kitten last year...Captain Steuben. So, currently, I'm "owned" by three cats. My hubby has three dogs. We always joke that we're like the Brady Bunch:

"Here's a story
Of a man named Stuart,
Who was bringing up 3 very lovely dogs"...etc.

I did have a silver standard Schnauzer as a child, Rosie. She was a phenomenal dog, and I have yet to find another that I've loved so dearly. However, I've grown extremely attached to husband's pooches over the years, and have grown into an equal opportunity pet owner. I've also owned dwarf hamster, fish, and a parakeet throughout my life...I will admit to having a special bond with the cats that I have found in no other animal.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Always have been always will be a cat person. I want an animal with personality that self cleans (mostly...), and returns affection. And I love that the affection of a cat is something earned - not automatically given.

There's nothing like the sound of a purr in your ear
I was a cat person growing up but most of my life I couldn't have one after my first cat died. Until I found a little stray under our house one day and I got her to come to me and carried her inside so the dogs wouldn't get her and then dad told our old dog not to bother her and after that we had a few cats. But most of them was outside. Tavia is the first cat that he let me have as a completely inside cat and now he thinks its best to have one inside.
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I've had cats since I was 2 and I always will. I believe people who don't like cats have never been owned by one!
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I have enjoyed reading this thread.

I never knew I was a cat person until one day back in 1986 a co-worker and I went to Denny's for lunch. When we came out we saw a little black kitten in the parking lot. I took him home and I've had cats ever since. I love my cats with all my heart and I couldn't imagine being without them. They are such fascinating, intelligent and lovable creatures!

I do however hope that one day I only have two! I'm such a sucker for a needy kitty.
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