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Why did you choose a cat not another pet?

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I choose cats, beacuse they are the unltimate pets! Independent yet dependent, naturally beautiful and wonderful to hold and I do believe that they have a pyschic connection to their owners!

BTW, welcome to the forum!
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Always have been always will be a cat person. I want an animal with personality that self cleans (mostly...), and returns affection. And I love that the affection of a cat is something earned - not automatically given.

There's nothing like the sound of a purr in your ear
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Originally Posted by Costaud View Post
I have wanted cats or dogs at different stages of my life. Now that I am older and more laid back, I prefer a laid back Persian cat. When I was a teenager, I wanted the biggest possible dog I could get. Many times, I did not have a choice, they came along by chance and I accepted what I got. All in all, I have had a very good array of both dogs and cats but now have settled back with just one cat, but not if that scratching on the front door I hear is what I think I hear...
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I love all animals and if I had my way would have a menagerie of pets.

I promised myself that when I moved out on my own that I would have a pet of my very own. As I said, I love all animals, but cats just seem to fit my lifestyle better than a dog does.

When I lived with my brother they had a dog and a cat, and while the dog was so lovable he also took up a great deal of time. Dogs are pack animals and they want to be with you all of the time and always want your attention. Puppies in particular need a great deal of attention ... and training. Dogs need to be let out to go to the bathroom and they need to be walked and exercised.

I live in an apartment and a dog just didn't seem like the ideal pet for apartment living.

I opted for a cat because they just seem better suited for apartment living because they can use a litter pan and I didn't have to panic about getting home to walk a dog. Plus dogs bark and not many apartments will allow dogs; not many allow cats either, but cats are easier to sneak in because they tend not to be that noisy.

If the circumstances were right and I had a life partner who wanted a dog I would love to have one, so long as he was willing to take on the bulk of care that the dog would need.
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I have two dogs and I love them dearly.

I wanted a cat because a cat can offer things a dog doesn't. I, in particular, wanted a cuddly cat. I wanted a lazy cat that just wants to get pets but isn't a clingly clingerton. And that's what a got! (with an good serving of sassy, too!)
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I have always loved animals!! Cats are my favourite ever though and always will be!! I can't have dogs because I'm badly allergic to them but luckily I'm not even a bit allergic to cats! (allergies work in strange ways...)
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I am a big animal lover. But I really didn't choose cats...I kind of got adopted LOL. I am more of a bird person but I love all of my babies. After we had to put our dog to sleep a feral mom and her 2 kittens showed up at our house. My mom walked into our back porch after getting home from a doc appointment and 2 cats ran out....she looked down and there was a little grey tabby kitten sitting there...scared but when she went to pet her started purring really loud. She picked her up and brought her inside and put her on my bed where I was sleeping and woke me up...I woke up to the cutest kitten purring the loudest I have ever heard. That was all it took and she was ours LOL. We named her Kayla and we started feeding her feral mom and sister. Well Kayla and her feral sister ended up getting pregnant and thats how we got Bear, Max, Jasmine, and Bosco (Kaylas kittens) and Sadie had Raven and Buddy. I had to catch Raven (we dont have her any more) and Buddy and tame them at around 8 and 9 weeks old. We got Kayla and her mom spayed but Sadie disappeared before we could get her. Her mom ended up leaving too. We let Kayla be an inside/outside cat because she was never happy staying inside all the time. One day she didnt come home. But the good that came out of it is I will never let my babies go outside because it is too dangerous out there and you never know when one day you might let them out and never see them again.

Molly showed up as a kitten with her brother....I'm not sure whatever happened to him. Molly went to get spayed the day after we brought her in with the rest of the bunch.

And Pumkin (the feral kitty) showed up when Kayla was young so he has been around a while.

So that is how I became a crazy cat lady
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Because they are low maintenance compared to a dog.
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My family always had cats and when I went out on my own, it just didn't seem right to not have a cat. I have 2 dogs as well, and love them dearly, but there are days I'd rather get 20 more cats than deal with them dogs!
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I really wasn't a cat person. My father and two sisters are very allergic. But when I was about 30 on a cold and snowy February morning my DH and I were sitting and watching the morning news and he heard this little meow. I didn't hear anything. DH went and openned the front door and this little gray streak came in the house at a full run, down the hallway and straight into the waterbed. Boots, the russian blue had joined the household. Clancey my 125 lb Angus Shepard immediately started to mother the little guy and we were all hooked. Both Boots and Clancey now play together over the Rainbow Bridge but Boots showed me the joy that a purring kitty brings into your life and now I am the crazy cat lady!!
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I've always had a cat, and I always will. So far I've had four including Quill. Spike was my first cat, and he grew up with me from when I was a baby, and he died in 1992. Tucson was my second cat, we adopted him from the shelter and he was my best friend all throughout highschool. Cleo was one of our friend's cats and when our friend moved away Cleo moved in with us. She only lived with us over the winter of 2004-05, but we had to put her to sleep for so many reasons in May, and it still hurts me to this day thinking about her. Also, in September Tucson had to be put to sleep as well. so in that one summer alone, I lost two of my best friends. For about six months I lived without a cat, and it was pretty empty here in the house. So, who should come along but my sweet Quill, who we adopted from the shelter as well. He is such a loving little soul, and like the other cats that I've had, is very quickly becoming my best friend.

Cats are one of my favourite animals, but then again I love all animals.
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I've NEVER chose a cat... They chose ME
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I'm not just a cat person, I also love dogs,, and have 2 and a foster.. and a bird,, Cockatiel, and we have a beta fish... We used to have a Guinea Pig.. My daughter wants a hamster... So we are equally opportunity Pet People...

But I do love my girls,,all 3 of them.. They are soo smart,, and they have the litter box to go too, to do their business... Really low maintenance to a point,, pets..
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Because I wanted to.
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Choosing a cat was never something I thought I would do.

We live in a smallish apartment with no yard, both me and my husband work full time and travel every now and then. My husband works late nights (as a music producer) so I wanted something to keep me company on those many days and nights when I was alone. I was a die hard dog lover, who had never owned a cat in her life--to tell the truth, I had always been afraid of cats. My hubby is a die hard cat lover who is afraid of dogs. I started warming up to the idea when I spent the week with a friend who has two sweet siamese kitties. I thought they were a hoot and she tried to get me to realize that I shouldn't be afraid of cats. After a couple friendly cat encounters, I was hooked.

We adopted Carl two months ago and I couldn't be happier! Both Jack and I love him to death and he is the most spoiled cat on the block!
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I have lived with cats ALL of my life. I can't imagine living anywhere without a cat. I am allergic to dogs, fish are nice but time consuming, birds are cute (interactive tv for cats) and the manager in this trailer park won't let me have a horse.....so cats it is.
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After my last cockatiel passed away, I decided it was time for some fur therapy. I don't have the time or energy to raise a dog, and I have always loved cats, so it was a no-brainer for me.

I'm overwhelmed with love sometimes, when I look at my two furkids.
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I have always been a bird-lover first and foremost.

We had been having huge problems with mice in our flat, and I mean like a huge infestation, Nate woke up one night and saw a whole fleet of mice wandering across the bedroom floor as if they owned the place. The crunch came when I found my budgie severely injured, probably due to mice (budgies are terrified of rodents and we think he panicked and fell when a mouse got in his cage). Unfortunately the budgie didn't make it, he had a broken thigh and breastbone, and died in immense pain as I was phoning the vet for an emergency appointment - but I know he wouldn't have been able to be saved due to the severity of his injuries.

We were devastated. It was the final straw, and Nate said to me that we were getting a cat whether I wanted one or not! I'd never had a cat before, but he'd had one when he was younger. I didn't know whether I really wanted a cat as a pet, but I do love all animals so I knew that I could give it love and a good home, so it wasn't a problem.

So after a quick scouring of classified 'kittens for sale' ads on the internet, we came home with Radar. He has turned me well and truly into a cat person, we both adore him. He is also mouse-hunter of the year and our flat is now rodent-free, so it's worked out perfectly.

I wouldn't want a dog, they require a lot more one-to-one attention, training, and exersize than a cat, and a dog would not be a suitable pet for our lifestyle or accommodation. Sorry to dog-lovers here, but I also have a really oversensitive sense of smell, and I don't like the smell of even a nice clean dog I like them well enough when I can play with them and pet them and then hand them back to their owner but wouldn't want one as a pet.
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I've always loved cats.
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Nothing makes me happier than to have a cat lay in my lap and purr.
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Cats just fit into my life best. I've had other pets -- dogs, ferrets, fish, rats, hamsters -- but cats just suit me. I work all day, I live in a smallish apartment, I'm busy with friends all the time ...

I also like how cats choose to love you on their own terms, not just because you feed them or because you're "pack." You have to earn a cat's affection.
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I love all animals but I had a cat when I was growing up and when I saw Tavia I knew she was that one special cat for me and she has been with me sense then and I will never be without a cat now.
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i love all animals. Cats fit better into my schedule. Not that I don't adore them, some day I would love to have all different kinds of animals.

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I have 4 cats (my own kitties, not including my foster kittens), 1 rabbit, fish, and two dogs. (In the past i've had hamsters, girbles, a tiny mouse, guenie pigs, parakeets, iguanas, chickens, donkeys, goats, ducks...you name it- i used to live on a farm.) So I didn't choose my cats over other animals- i have my cats and i also have other furbabies I love the all dearly!
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My cats chose us, came into our lives when we weren't expecting it (well, except for Ginger) and living in apartments and now a townhome it was a no brainer.
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I have all kinds of pets. I didnt really choose cas they kinda chose me.
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I've always wanted a cat, since I can remember.

I'm not a big fan of dogs (big ones make me nervous, plus some are too yippy, slobber all over your hand and they need to be taken out, etc), and other animals aren't as sociable, imo.
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Because a cat is what showed up on my doorstep.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Because they are low maintenance compared to a dog.
As well, my family has always had cats since we were all young.
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