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We're going home!!!!!

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I've finally got the chance to start getting excited about it!!! On Wednesday evening we fly home to Australia for 2 weeks. I'm SOOOOOO excited!!!

We fly into Sydney, and spend the day visiting people, then the evening with my 2 cousins and their husbands and kids (who I adore), then we fly to Brisbane, and it's DH's grandma's 90th birthday, so we have lots of stuff with his family over that weekend. On that Saturday night though I'll sneak off to my mum's and spend the night with her, my 3 year old nephew and my 3 month old nephew (who I haven't seen yet!!!) which I am incredibly excited about, then on Monday we fly to the Great Barrier Reef for 5 days of luxury at a resort. We just booked spa treatments as a bit of a splurge - this is our very belated honeymoon, so we're gonna enjoy it!! Then we get back to Brisbane, have the weekend in Brisbane with my extended family, and a couple more days there to try and see all our friends and family, fly to Canberra to see a bunch of friends, then go back to Sydney and fly back "home" to California.

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome back to the home land!

Hope you have a fantastic trip!
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Great!!! It sounds like you'll have heaps of fun and a good old southern hemisphere Christmas holiday!!
Today I was in town, and a couple of shops had fake snow in the windows. It was like, 24 degrees C!!! I don't know who they think they're kidding...
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That has to be very exciteing for you hope you have a wonderful time Where are you in California?
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Have a great trip, sounds like you will be very very busy!
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Have a safe and happy journey.
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hope you have a great trip, I'm sure it will be so wonderful to see all your family again
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Have a safe flight and I expect to see lots of pictures when you get back!
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Have a safe wonderfull trip.It must be so nice for you to get back home and see all your family!
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You guys will get lots of pics, don't worry!! There's all the pets along the way for a start - including my mum's 16 year old cats that we've had since I was 11!

2 sleeps to go!!!!!
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Have a safe, fun trip!
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Have a very safe trip back..

Can I stow away in your luggage.. I've always wanted to go to Australia....

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That trip sounds amazing, have a great time!!!!
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Ive always wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef...and a "real, live" kangaroo/dingo/other australian wild animal I only see in Zoos
Have a great trip!!!
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Have a wonderful trip we will miss you. Hopefully the TCS withdrawals won't be too bad.
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Congratulations! I hope you enjoy every single minute of it!
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Have a great trip!
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