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Early Spay/Neuter in Oregon?

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I have a co-worker who has a couple of kittens (boy and girl, littermates). She wants to get them fixed, sooner than later, since she has to keep the girl in a carrier when no one's around. The boy is playing like he's trying to mate with her already and they aren't mature yet. She's called around to several vets and they refuse to do early neuter on the boy. She wants to do it next month, rather than in February, when he's 6 months. He's apparently getting very aggressive toward his sister, even for a kitten.

Does anyone know of a place in the Portland area (or a good site that I can get info from) that WILL do early spay and neuter? She really shouldn't HAVE to wait until they're six months... especially when he's getting too aggressive. You'd think in such a socially progressive area as Portland Oregon, there would be plenty of vets 'up' on the positive effects of early Speutering.

Any advice?

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The clinic I work at in Hillsboro does early spays and neuters.


I'd imagine more clinics do it... if Hillsboro is too far away you could probably call and see if our receptionists could get you the numbers of clinics who do them closer to the portland area.
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She might also try calling some of the local shelter to see if they have referrals on vets that do pediatric spay and neuter--I know that Cat Adoption Team (www.catadoptionteam.org) has their foster kittens done at 8 weeks.
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I live in Vancouver, WA. I also have 2 kittens (bro & sis). They were both born the beginning of July. I've had them since Sept. I just had them both fixed at the same time (Nov. 10). I had them fixed at the Camas/Washougal Animal Hospital in Washougal, WA. They are great people who work there and I've been going there for 18 years. I hope it's OK to mention the vet on this site. I'm pretty new to it. Good luck!
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Thank you. I'll pass the info along to her. We're over on the East side of Portland, and I know she's within walking distance of our store (Fabric Depot). If she can get an appt on one of my days off, I'd be willing to drive her, because I'm not sure if she has access to a car, hence the walking distance thing.

I'll let her know... THANK YOU! I knew my fellow TCS'ers wouldn't let me down. Only reason I don't know about any of the local places is because mine were fixed before I adopted them back in NY.

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