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Purrrrrrrrrs discussion

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My cat seems to have a few different types of purrs. The main one is when she is sitting with me or I am petting her. It's kind of deep sounding and constant. The other one only happens when I scratch her back. She looks almost straight up towards the ceiling, moves her head back and forth and does a high pitched purr. It's so funny to watch. Now she is laying here staring at me as I type this so I better continue the scratching!
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Manytoes definatly has various purrs, mostly in volume and speed....so he has Loud and fast, loud and slow, slow and quiet....lol
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Duke's constant rumble changes in pitch and volume, but he purs constantly. Sibohan only purrs when very happy... getting petted, fetching her toy etc.
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I don't think my cats as an individual change their purrs, but the differences between them is amazing! Zeus has a very quiet purr, you can't hear it at all unless you put your ear right up to him, but Hermes purrs like a motorboat, and eveyone else is at some level in between
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Radar can be heard purring from across the other side of the room. He has several different happy purrs for different situations.

For example: this morning when I first went into the sitting room he launched himself onto my chest and went into a headbutting and kneading frenzy, he was wriggling around in my arms 'kissing' my face and giving me head rubs and full body rubs all over me. This was accompanied by a very deep, fast, rumbling purr, with little grunts and chirps, it sounded almost frantically joyful. It makes me feel very loved when he does this

When he is dozing on my lap he behaves more relaxed, likes to lie with his head tucked under my elbow and his back resting along my arm. His purr then is much softer and slower, very relaxed sounding. It tapers off as he drifts to sleep, and starts up again if I move slightly or stroke him.

When I am cleaning his bowls and feeding him, he purrs quietly but quite fast. It sounds happy but with a 'come on hurry up and give me my dinner' tone to it

And lastly, he purrs when he is picked up and carried. This is mid-way between the dozing off on my lap purr, and the being fed purr. Quite quiet and soft, and between the two in speed.

Thankfully I have never heard him purr due to discomfort or pain, I hope never to have to.
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Kitters doesn't seem to have different purrs, but she does make a lot of different sounds!! She talks, chirps, purrs, meows, and snores!!!!
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Abby has a really loud purr. I'm sure she can be heard in the other room. When she's in bed with me cuddling, she has a deep rhythmic purr. When she's feeling extra affectionate and cuddles with me when I'm in a chair she buries her face under my chin and gives me head butts and her purr is a bit more rapid and her purr takes on a cooing-purring sound, like a thrill sound. Plus she salivates more, but doesn't drool. She tends to increase her swallowing.

Chynna has a deep rhythmic purr that has a different tone than Abby's and isn't as loud. I find it more calming and if she's cuddling with me in bed she can purr me to sleep.

I find that Abby will purr sometimes even when she's upset, but it's a different tone... quite rapid and a higher pitch that I can't really describe. But I know it's different from her cuddle in bed and cuddle in the chair purr
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