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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
or most likely borat will share some of the profit with them
I doubt that...
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I loved the movie. I laighed and laughed and laughed. I've been a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen for a long time, so knew this movie would be a corker - and controversial!

Cohen has made fun of so many cultures and so many cultures, I don't think people should be getting upset about him poking a bit of fun at some Americans. Like was said before - he doesn'y try to portray everyone in the film as loud/racist/homophobic Americans. The Jewish family he stayed with were lovely, the place he went to the dinner party - they were all lovely, and he was just seeing how far he could push them. The black people he met in Atlanta (is that right?), they were very funny.

There's plenty of nice people he met who he did portray as wonderful, hospitable people. I can certainly see how people could get upset though. I would encourage people not to knock what he does in the movie if they haven't seen it. If it's not your thing, then fine, or if you're easily offended, then I wouldn't recommend it either.

I did hear that he got the college students drunk, then did the scene with them. I daresay he was trying to get them to play the Pamela video which was the whole premise of that scene, but it was them who were firing off the crude, racist comments - I bet they'll think twice before saying such horrible things in front of a camera!!!!
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I just got back from seeing the movie. I haven't laughed so much in a movie in years, I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I didn't think that Americans came across as being stupid or ignorant as a nation at all. If anything, I was amazed at how hospitable, tolerant and friendly some of these people were in the face of what Borat was doing. Yes, some came across as bigoted, racist, chauvinist or whatever... well, they were just that. Those students were complete idiots with what they said about women and about minorities. Serves them right to be shown in that light, and I'm sure that anyone who sees the movie will agree. I won't repeat what they were saying here, it's too crude and insulting. It was awful and it served them right to be made fun of, IMO.

As for the village in Romania where they did shoot the opening scene. From what I've read, all of these people were very well paid, and in addition Sacha Baron and the crew donated a lot of money to the village + computers and stuff for the school. It was clear that this was satire, and I don't think that any real person there or the real village as a whole was portrayed in a negative way. It was used as a setting for something that is totally fiction. I mean, come on, sorry for the spoiler, but when he shows some mechanic and says the guy is in charge of some machines as well as for doing abortions, it just makes you laugh because it's absurd.

There is the issue of the terrible image of Khazakstan that he is creating there, and totally undeservedly too. It's a relatively modern country really with their own space industry even. But I think everyone knows that by now and realizes it's just used as part of the Satire. I have to say about this point though, that he should have used a fictional country name. If I were a Kazakh I would be upset.

One last point, the crowd here in Israel had bonus jokes. When Borat is supposedly speaking Kazakhstani, he is really speaking Hebrew! That was quite a surprise, and hearing him swear in Hebrew in some scenes was absolutely hilarious.
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Originally Posted by Anne View Post
One last point, the crowd here in Israel had bonus jokes. When Borat is supposedly speaking Kazakhstani, he is really speaking Hebrew! That was quite a surprise, and hearing him swear in Hebrew in some scenes was absolutely hilarious.
Was that Hebrew? I thought it was Yiddish (which I don't speak, but have some understanding of) that was just way beyond my "command"!
He's been nominated for a Kazakh award:
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Thanks for that review, Anne. We've been going to go see it for weeks, and haven't got there yet. Have to do something about that soon.
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
Was that Hebrew? I thought it was Yiddish (which I don't speak, but have some understanding of) that was just way beyond my "command"!
He's been nominated for a Kazakh award:
Most definitely Hebrew, except in the end I think he's trying out some sentences in another language (maybe Kazahki?). I was impressed, he speaks Hebrew quite well, though with an accent and some mistakes, but still, very understandable. I knew he was Jewish, I wonder if he had spent some time in Israel though. Pretty sure he did, as some of these things are not taught in Hebrew schools in the UK, I'm sure
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I found Borat to be extremely funny but I would not be able to see it again. Parts of it were so cringeworthy that I couldn't watch but overally extremely funny

I wasn't insulted (as an Arab) he insulted everyone! Those two guys no one fed them their lines.
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I wanna see it for myself before I come up with an opinion about it.
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ok, was bored at work and a guy in the office had the DVD already.
So i watched about 45 min of it. Which was about all i could stand.
i really did not see anything funny about it. In short takes it would have been good.
but a whole movie.

each to his or her own. not my type of movie.
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We're going to see it tonight so I will reserve proper comment until after that.

I have to say, though, from my experience in watching him when he was a small part of Da Ali G show, he is much more contrived and less funny now than he was then. Back then he was really a clever satirist, exposing the hypocrisy of aristocratic England - particularly in terms of animal welfare. He went on a hunt with some upper class English once and made them look like fools. He also went to an animal rights rally and stirred up the protestors, too - which is the other side of the coin but hysterically funny.

He used to expose weakness, selfishness, injustice, hypocrisy and many other human failings through his witty satire. He did the same thing as Ali G. It is one of my favourite types of comedy - exposure of flaws through that unique brand of humour. Many comedians have done it over the years, including the Australian `Norman Gunston' and also Dennis Pennis (?sp). Unfortunately now the character of Borat seems less funny, less clever, more crude and more commercial. Again, I haven't seen the film and so I will reserve complete judgement until I have. But that is the impression I have got recently from watching him being interviewed and from the clips I've seen of the movie.

But looking forward to seeing it - Sacha Baron Cohen in real life is a very devout Jew, quiet and well-spoken. He is just a master satirist and a highly skilled comic performer, and his aim is to shock and make people THINK about the things that he is doing and saying. Not everyone gets it, some people don't appreciate it, but he is brilliant, nonetheless. I just hope he doesn't sell out to his massive celebrity and become mediocre. That would be the biggest shame out of this.
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This is over quoted, but I still find it brilliant that he want to Cambridge.
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This is one of the only interviews with Sacha Baron Cohen where he is out of charector, I mean just himself. Its quite interesting.
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I seen it today and wasn't too thrilled about it. I can see how it could be contraversial though.
It just wasn't my sense of humor though
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Ok finally saw it. I squirmed the whole way through it! And there were a couple of parts where I could see that he really might have got into some danger - particularly the rodeo he went to. I wouldn't say I thought it was funny - it was too hard to watch! I mean, it WAS funny, and he is very good at exposing the bad apples in society - honestly, I can't believe there are people out there who actually are really like the people he came across (especially the frat boys - who deserve all the humiliation they are suffering IMO). But I don't think I'll see it again. I thought it was very good, but gosh it was hard to sit through!
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I thought that I'd bring this thread back from the dead... I saw the first 20 minutes of this movie last night and turned it off. Not because it was offensive but because it wasn't funny.

I saw what he was trying to do, but if I don't belly laugh with in the first 20 minutes of a comedy then it goes back to Netflicks.
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I think it tells us more about ourselves that we realise
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We watched it this past weekend.

I have to say the first 45 minutes or so was funny. We laughed quite a bit.

Then it got to some really disturbing parts. We stayed in the room but both of us (hubby and me) felt sick. If I'd been in the theater, I'd have walked out.

From that point on (after the "antique shop") scene, it went downhill. I won't watch it again! Too disturbing... and hubs and I have a very sick sense of humor!!!
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Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius. Borat, Ali G, the German hairdresser..all his characters are very funny and thought provoking.

He does poke fun at other countries and political authorities...but I think what he actually does is highlight the subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) racist or bureacratic or narrow minded or just plain different views of others around the world.

However, I can understand how he has received death threats from Kazakstani people (not that I condone such action!). He has somewhat portrayed that country and its people in a rather derogatory way. But for those with a few brain cells watching Borat, we can realise that his target is very much other societies.

One question though - were any of you guys as Americans offended by the film?

ps - my hubby has started quoting Borat all the time.....calling me 'my wife' (in Borats accent) and referring to things which Id better not repeat here - its quite funny!
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Borat's character has been around for a while now. The movie has introduced "Borat" to a wider audience. I think the character in Da Ali G Show is hysterical as well as the movie. I also think because the movie has drawn more attention and money, there is more objection and legal action because of since there is more of the world watching, with something to try to get out of it. Personally, the movie is even more ridiculous then Da Ali G Show character, therefore how can you take it seriously or offensively?
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