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I put up my Christmas Tree today

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Here it is in all it's glory...with the angel on top. The ultimate cat friendly tree.

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lol. That's cheating.
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I love it!
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It's a lovely tree, especially the angel on top.
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Best tree ever!!! The angel is lovely!!!
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LOL! I was expecting to see an evergreen with 5-10 bangle's in it!
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That will work better then a tree right there, because after I put mine up last year they were leaping in it anyway. I finally went and got 5 helium balloons and stuck them inside the tree and turned the fan on them, it helped for a minute then I tried a stupied looking, talking moose in a rocking chair singing Grandma got run over by a raindeer they weren't impressed at all even with the rocking and singing They were looking at me like he's really funny mom
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That is the PRETTIEST Angel on a tree that I've ever saw!!!
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What a beautiful angel!!!
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It looks like you have another Christmas tree in the corner
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What a beautiful angel My Christmas tree is going to be just like yours!
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That has to be the COLLEST christmas tree, I bet all the kitty agree too!

And that is the prettiest angel on any tree, by far!
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awww! that is the cutest tree topper i've ever seen
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where d´ya get your angels from.............oh yeah that stork bird brings ´em in
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now if only they made them a little more festive lol...or with little holiday items to attach for the 4th of July, Halloween, New Years, Passover, Easter, etc etc etc. HA!!! I'll stop while I'm ahead!
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aww what a beautiful angel...
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