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The cat rescue I volunteer for has a wish list for supplies for the clinic. In addition to the high ticket items already mentioned, they are always in need of smaller things like cotton balls, towels, plastic bowls, toys, etc. A friend and I are planning to hit the Dollar Store and each fill up a laundry basket with items they can use from towels to garbage bags as well as coffee, sodas, and snacks for the clinic volunteers. It isn't much, but for about 10-20 bucks a piece we can get alot for the kitties and the staff. And a card with a donation in it of course!

You would be surprised how a little can go a long way. We rely completely on donations, and even office supplies for the center like pens, staples, tape, note paper, envelopes is appreciated.
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ooh, more ideas!! Sorry to pinch these ones too, but it is things I had never thought of. Will get the rescue I foster for to do me a wish list to put on our website, and am going to contact a local rescue. Hopefully with all these tips, i will me able to make more of a difference next year, cos there are some very low cost things that they will need. Someone on my other forum has mentioned radios, as the rescue she works for has them in all the pens - another thing I never thought of despite the fact I use them for the fosters!!
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Thanks for the reminder Tricia I made a donation over the weekend
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great reminder....I always do the "donate a dollar" everytime I go to pet smart....and we drop our change into the coin collection box at petsmart too. And if I see something on clearance, I get it for the rescues....I gave the rescue that neutered Louie a litter box, and several boxes of dry cat food. They were very appreciative, and said they would make sure that it would go to someone in need.
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A couple of posters have mentioned great presents, like blankets, food, and toys. What are often needed are working washers, dryers, ranges/cookers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, radios, and dishwashers, so if you're renovating/upgrading, offer your working appliances! Old towels and pillows are quite welcome, too, as are scratching posts or mats, rugs, carriers, litter boxes, beds, and even solid cardboard boxes. If you can't afford to donate money or objects, perhaps you could offer your time to clean, take pets to the vets', or even maintain websites. Not to mention fostering, which many TCS members do.
What great ideas!! I'm sending lots of prayers and vibes that the messages get out, and people support His creatures as part of the celebration of His birth
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